3D Warehouse model not loading

Nothing is downloading from 3D Warehouse. It opens fine, but SU freezes when I try to drop it in. I’m on a Mac, High Sierra, using SU 2019.

Hi Leah,

Did you ever find a solution here? I think I am struggling with a similar issue.


Hi Ariel,

No, I haven’t! I do a workaround and save everything to a folder, then import it. It’s not so bad a process, but irritating just the same…


Ahh that is super frustrating. I’ll let you know if I find a solution

You could try my suggestion here:


In terms of workarounds, doing a search for what you want in the Components panel, then click on the thumbnail of the model you want, will directly insert it without involve the 3D Warehouse page. Make sure not to click in the text of a model, that just opens the 3D Warehouse window on that model’s page.

Leah, Colin totally fixed my issue here…

Quit SketchUp and delete the WebCache folder from inside here:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2019/

When you open SketchUp again that folder will are recreated, and if there were any corrupt files causing the 3D Warehouse window to fail, that should fix it.

You have to go to your finder on Mac. Go to the “Go” tab, past that link and delete the Web Cache folder. Everything working normally now.

Thanks again Colin!