3d warehouse Not working with Sketchup 19 upgrade

When I click to download a model into my sketch up rendering it is taking forever. The wheel just spins and sometimes never imports and I have to force quit. If I walk away and come back it may import. What is the problem?

To start with, your GPU ( Intel HD Graphics 630) is not supported with SU 2019.

Are you having problems with other models?

If not, what browser are you using?

I am currently looking into an issue where certain models have that symptom. Can you try a range of equally complex models, to see if some work immediately ok, and some cause a crash?

It is happening with every model. I am able to download from chrome and import the 3d models but I can’t directly load the models into my rendering.

I’m not seeing this on my Mac or on my PC with SU2019.

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