Sketchup Pro always freezes when trying to import from 3D Warehouse since installing 2023

Hi! Ever since installing Sketchup 2023, it freezes when I try to import anything from the 3D Warehouse. It is a nightmare! I tried the 2022 version (that used to work perfectly), but it is happening in 2022 too. Anyone? I am really regretting installing the new version…

Can you share the link if the model you are trying to download?

I could, but this was the case with all different models. I have just found that the 3D Warehouse works with a new project. I attempted adding 3D items to an old project (2022 version) of mine and this does not work.

See if this topic I wrote helps:

It may be that before 2023 you had the Colors palette set to some other section, anything but Colors in Model. See if changing 2023 to be some other section, ‘Colors’ for example, makes a difference to the time it takes to insert models from 3DW.

Thanks, Colin! This worked!!!