3d warehouse freezes

each time i try to download from 3d warehouse, sketch up freezes. i have to force quit to end the waiting. this is a new problem. i have been using 3d warehouse for several weeks since i purchased sketch up.

There is an issue we know of, that we are still trying to pin down what is going wrong. One symptom is where downloading a model from 3D Warehouse can take several minutes to appear in your scene, especially if the scene has a lot in it.

You could either download the model as its own file, or download it into a new document, then select only what it is you need from the model, and copy/paste it into your working file.

Even that copy and paste may go slowly, depending on whether you had copied whichever part of the model is leading to the problem. If you have an example scene, and a model that takes a long time to appear when you paste it, could I look at the files?

By the way, if you can spare the time try giving SketchUp longer for the downloaded model to appear. I am fairly sure that it hasn’t crashed, and that the model will appear if you wait long enough.

I juist checked now and it still does not work. this is hurting my productivity. when is it going to be repaired???

Did you try downloading into a new document? Do all models fail to download?

What happens if you download the model using a web browser, and then open the file?

The problem appears to have been resolved.
I downloaded to another model with no 3d warehouse components and it downloaded quickly and successfully. However, I copied it and pasted into the model; that I needed it in and it turns completely black.
I am able to download using a web browser.
Thank you.

The object may be made up from a lot of profiles. Try unchecking Profiles from the Edge Style menu, and see if it is then less black.

Can you say which model you tried, so I can download the same model from 3D Warehouse?

What exactly is the component you downloaded?