Skalp, live solid section tool for SketchUp


Good news!
I began to think that section in the new Sketchup 2017 will not work. Thank you!


I saw this morning that a new version (v 2.0.0124) of SKALP is available, I’ve downloaded it from the SKALP website but SU2017 just won’t let me update, it keeps on crashing when navigating to the folder where the .rbz is stored.

I’m starting to be really annoyed with SU2017 as it’s easily the version with the most bugsplats for no particular reason but at the same time a version that I’m quite excited about.


Julian, when do you exactly crash? During the Skalp installation of before the installation?


Guy, at various stages it seems. At first it would crash when trying to navigate (final step) to the stored .rbz through the new extension manager. After trying a few times and a day passing, I tried again and was successful, then SU2017 would crash when I arrange menu items, from floating to docking, SKALP was not the only extension this was happening to.

I noticed that SU2017 would also crash even if I just left it open in the background.

Eventually I doubled down and reinstalled SU2017 making sure I didn’t skip installing it as administrator. Things didn’t improve. I then updated the graphics driver (already had a very recent version, but none-the-less did so). Things didn’t improve. After this I updated Windows (everything except Silverlight and Skype, it was a short list though) and this seems to have helped. SU2017 has not yet crashed since and I have been able to finally set it up the way I like it.

Thanks for the interest in trying to help figure things out, much appreciated! In the end, I don’t think this was a SKALP problem, more like a conflict somewhere between the SU2017 installation and Windows 8.1 (SL).

When will you be releasing the updated manual for SKALP version 2? It seems like it has now moved out of beta (thanks for the new features).


The updated manual is on our to do list, but first fix all new bugs that get reported with the release.


Skalp is an easy to use yet powerful Live Section Tool. Packed with key features, it is the missing link to realize a long standing dream: to go all the way from preliminary design to stunning construction documents, all within SketchUp!


Project only done with SketchUp, Skalp and LayOut…


An other project made with SketchUp, LayOut and Skalp


Is the Skalp 2.0 extension really ready?

I have tried all morning to install it into SU17; the installer stops and/or crashes, no matter how I try to install it.

The manual is out of date; the English version (at least) of the release notes is cryptic and needs attention from an experienced English editor.


Do you get any errors? What OS? For support please contact
We just released (some moments ago) a new update. Please try this new update to see if this solves your problem.
We are working on an updated manual and website.


All you need for Interior Design is SketchUp, LayOut & Skalp


The latest version installed successfully. Now I shall start viewing the tutorials.

Thanks for your kind attention.


Nice project by @TommyK made with SketchUp, LayOut and Skalp


Couldn’t have done that project without Skalp. The site was oblique and the pitched roof complicated this even further. The builder loved the drawings.


Wow! Nice project and a great realization of your design.


PowerUp SketchUp with Skalp…

At our office we do all our designs only using SketchUp and Skalp. For presentation we use Thea Render and Skatter. If needed all plans, sections and elevation can easily be exported to dxf with Skalp including hatchings, front and rearview lines.


Very nice plugin. Do you use plugins for creating the layered walls/roofs with doors and windows in your office?


No we don’t use plugins for layered walls in our office.


I have to say I am blown away: Did I miss you telling everyone about the hidden line, depth clipping and rear view projection functions?

Amazing! It’s freaking GENIUS!

I was doing a very quick project (as usual, trying to get stuff out as fast as possible), noticed the new functions and thought HELL YEAH.


This forum is brilliant!

I’d be very interested to learn what style was used for these models and their presentation.

Kind regards