DWG Export with layers

This is a public plea to Trimble.

When will sketchup get serious about DWG/DXF export? Why can’t sketchup export DWG as per layer and color with a section cut polyline layer added? While I do much of my documentation in layout, there’s always a need to provide “proper” CAD backgrounds to associates and consultants. This lack of capacity seriously impacts my ability to use SU as an effective tool and adds hours to my production.



You can use a plugin called freedxf. It imports dxf files into SketchUp and puts each layer into a separated groups, so you don’t lose any info.

Skalp for SketchUp export sections to dxf on the correct layers.

Thanks Guy - Skalp is a great plug in, but it doesn’t satisfy the need for layered DWG export from SU. We all spend great amounts of time and thought in the construction and layering of our models. I don’t think it’s too much to ask from Trimble to request that our DWG exports reflect this organization in an accepted industry wide standard.


Am I missing something?

If you export your Model as a **3d** DWG/DXF then your SKP's layering is preserved in the output - as are circles/arcs... If you export your Model as a **2d** DWG/DXF then layering it is not respected - using Layer0, circles/arcs as edges etc - it's a 2d graphic-format...

The admirable ‘Skalp’ might help with Sections/Section-Faces but that’s all ??

@pois Could you explain your process in better detail…

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I am aware of the 3D export vs 2D export - Thanks.

What I’d like to be able to do is, for example, is export a 2D plan (or any orthogonal view) from sketchup, and have SU maintain the layers and the associated colors of those layers. That would leave me with very little to do in acad or whatever CAD program I might be cleaning it up in for distribution to consultants.


I definitely agree.
+1 for this


I agree. I would like to be able to export 2D dwgs and have the dwgs maintain the same layer structure as the model. It would also be nice if the colors of the layers in the dwg were able to be set to ‘index’ colors (Color 0,1,2,3,4,5 etc…) so that I can export a 2D dwg with my ‘color lines by layer’ style and then easily be able to print dwgs using my established AutoCAD ctb, which prints lineweight by color.


It really would make life easier and seems like a no brainer especially if SU would like to be considered a professional tool. DWG export with only layer 0 and sections cuts… come on Trimble…

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Should be so obvious…


This is a +1 from a long-time SU user who is trying to get his old-school Architect employer to make the switch. Getting DWG’s to consultants with layers in tact from Sketchup to 2D DWG would be HUGE.



This should extend to layout wich should also export Sketchup Models Layers to DWG/DXF and even PDF.

Currently Layout exports only Layout’s Layers.


Hello everybody,

Any news on 2D / dwg complete sketchup export ?


@jbdk78 Don’t expect any news from SketchUp/Trimble. Why?

First, this is not something they would cover in a maintenance release. IF it appears, it will be part of their (so far) annual release. The next one is expected to be out somewhere around November 2016 - and will be SketchUp 2017. I want to emphasize that I’m not saying it will happen, only that this is the first place you might possibly see it.

Second, SketchUp/Trimble simply does not comment on forthcoming features. Because Trimble is publicly traded, there are rules that effectively prevent them from promising any new features until they are actually released.

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thanks sjdorst for your quick answer.
any advised plugin use like skalp or richsection ?


No advice on specific extensions from me. I’ve yet to do anything with DWG exports. My answer above was based on my general knowledge of how SketchUp/Trimble operates - not on any specific knowledge.

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please note than the plugin “Skema 2d Projection” make 2D projection with layers, so usefull for 2D CAD drawings.
only missing hatch possibilities as the Skalp plugin.


See the example

Thanks… I had seen this tutorial. It just seems like it should be easier. They say layout 2017 has improved DWG export. I’ve yet to try it.

DWG export has been greatly improved on LO but not on the layers side. At least not the way you intend it.

It’s exporting LO layers much better, but not Sketchup layers. However, I didn’t try exporting from sketchup itself, only Layout.