Workflow Advice for Exporting DWG for Other Professionals (Looking for Any: Tips & Tricks, Books, Training Course, etc)




I have read and implemented Nick Sonders and Many other Sketchup Professionals Workflow for modeling. What I am currently lacking is the ability to export DWG files that look professional for other engineers to be able to work on.

Is there perhaps any material (tips, video, books, courses, etc) that would guide me in the best method for exporting proper 2D DWG files?

Would greatly appreciate the support



Where are you exporting from, SketchUp or Layout?

Also take a look at SKALP as it does wonder for sections but has it’s own export tool, see if that works better for you.


The OP is in the SU Pro section so one has to imagine he means SU not Layout.

The normal process is File>Export>2D Graphic, then choose DWG as the export format.


I am looking for the best workflow, so wether it is SU or Layout doesnt matter. What do you recommend?

Optimally I would like to be able to export layers separately to AutoCAD.


I know that is the normal process, but I am looking for my export to look as if it was done in a CAD software as much as possible

Advice on what is the best settings to export etc, would be of great help.


Not sure I know what you mean.

AFAIK, you cannot export from LO to AC, so it’s just SU.

If you follow the normal process outlined in my last post, the only options you have are shown here (once you have selected DWG output):

Those are the default settings and the ones I have used successfully.


Thanks! Much appreciated



there’s one thing very important to remember, and to do. When you export to dwg from parallel views, many lines are going to be just “lines” in autocad (even if you choose polylines with width, which I never do, cause I hate polylines with width in autocad :slight_smile: ).

So first thing I do when I open the dwg exported from SU, I run the PEDIT command, then Multiple, I select all. It’s going to ask you if you want to convert every lines, arcs and splines into polylines, say Yes, and finally Join with a 0.000 fuzz distance. (this last process is optional, depending on your drawing, as it sometimes joins the wrong lines, but most of the time it works well)

You end up with something quite nice !


Of course you can! LayOut exports a DWG file where the LayOut page items are placed on DWG paperspace sheet tabs, and SketchUp model views are exported as 2D model viewports with the contents to full scale in AutoCad’s Model space. Sort of a standard way to organize a DWG.


Thank you Paul for the tip! Greatly appreciate it


I usually start with the Overkill command to get rid of colinear overlapping or segmented lines.


Joining the polylines through PEDIT does it automatically, normally! But overkill can be useful indeed


Hello. I’m also studying this workflow, while I’m not satisfied with Layout.
And I know I will have problems if I send pdf files o .Layout to my partners …
One of the outputs I found is here:

Basically it exports the views and sections to autocad, of these files an Xref is created in a main file.
If you hover some modification in sketchup, the xref files should be overwritten.


Thank you for the video and your tip :slight_smile:


Not possible to export dwg from LayOut

Thank you. Must try that sometime!


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