DWG Export with layers



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And export should respect and maintain origin.


I hope this will be a feature in Sketchup 2018.



You can open Styles’s window, click on "Edit"tab.
Down the bottom you can change “Color” by 3 options:

  1. by material (meens layer’s color)
  2. all similar lines
  3. by axes (blue/red/green)

-----------------> Select “by materials”.
It’s an easy way to keep different colors by layers.

Hope Trimble is explaining that somewhere…



Thanks Blanka, this helps a little but still leaves much work to do in a cad program after export, especially if you have a complex layer structure in the model. And if you’re exporting multiple views, you have to perform the task over and over. If sketchup can’t export a view that retains layer structure and color, maintains origin and outputs in high quality DWG, then sketchup isn’t a professional tool. I do almost all of my exhibit and theatrical design work in sketchup and layout. But when I have to export to consultants, my speedy workflow draws to a crawl. I wish trimble would take this issue seriously.


My other complaint is poor output quality of DWG export. I frequently have small bits of hidden lines (like back sides of theatrical pipes) appear in the output requiring a great deal of time to clean up. Rant over, thanks…


+1 Layer is an easy way to deliver information through different softwares .