DWG Export with layers



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And export should respect and maintain origin.


I hope this will be a feature in Sketchup 2018.



You can open Styles’s window, click on "Edit"tab.
Down the bottom you can change “Color” by 3 options:

  1. by material (meens layer’s color)
  2. all similar lines
  3. by axes (blue/red/green)

-----------------> Select “by materials”.
It’s an easy way to keep different colors by layers.

Hope Trimble is explaining that somewhere…



Thanks Blanka, this helps a little but still leaves much work to do in a cad program after export, especially if you have a complex layer structure in the model. And if you’re exporting multiple views, you have to perform the task over and over. If sketchup can’t export a view that retains layer structure and color, maintains origin and outputs in high quality DWG, then sketchup isn’t a professional tool. I do almost all of my exhibit and theatrical design work in sketchup and layout. But when I have to export to consultants, my speedy workflow draws to a crawl. I wish trimble would take this issue seriously.


My other complaint is poor output quality of DWG export. I frequently have small bits of hidden lines (like back sides of theatrical pipes) appear in the output requiring a great deal of time to clean up. Rant over, thanks…


+1 Layer is an easy way to deliver information through different softwares .


Every few months I decide it is time to knock my head against a brick wall instead of actually doing work.
The way I do this is by trying to export from Sketchup to DWG with SKP layers. It works great, I lose half a days work, and get a very sore head, and when I want to do it again Sketchup predictably will provide me the same lack of functionality.

Why is no one listening to the user need for this feature ???
I understand it is not straightforward due to the different role layers play in Sketchup comparred to DWG files, but I am sure the export tools could be augmented with something usable.

The closest thing to a solution as far as i can see is the plugin called ‘Skema 2d Projection’, yet that involves littering my model with a bunch of additional section cuts. Has anyone got any better options ???

Please Trimble, lets get proffesional here !


I so agree. I do almost all of my theatrical design work and documentation in SU/Layout, but I always, always have to provide workable backgrounds to other consultants. Every time I have a revision, the same laborious time suck of trying to put together decent backgrounds. No export layers, no fills, no groups, just the basest DWG output with stray geometry lines. Layout is not much better. It’s as if no one really cares at trimble.