Section lines colors with skalp


I have been using sketchup and autocad for a long time, and I recently bought skalp in order to use only sketchup and layout now.

I usually work in the following way for my plans and sections in autocad :
I draw (lines and hatchs) in black the existing elements, in red the demolished parts, and in blue the projected parts.

So now, in sketchup, I use the color by tag option (existing tag in black, demolition in red, etc…) and the hidden line style, and the hybrid view in layout.
This way, I have no color nor sketchup material. Only lines an skalp patterns.
It’s almost perfect, but I have only one problem : the section line color.

I know I can change the section line color in sketchup, but I would like to have various colors on the same drawing : I would like to have the section line of the existing elements in black, the section line of the demolished parts in red, etc.

Is there a way to do it ?
Or a way to say “this skalp pattern have this color of section line” ?

Thank you very much in advance for your answer,

Best regards,


@Guy ?