Section fill by tag color

It would be helpful to have the option to color the section fill according to the tag’s line color specified in Layout.

I have an architectural model with objects tagged as existing, to-be-demolished and proposed. I can set the line colour to red for the demolished part, show the existing and hide the proposed objects, to generate a nice demolition diagram in Layout. However the section fills all turn out in the same color which spoils the effect.

It would be great if the section fills could follow the color defined for the tag in Layout. (I don’t want the whole object to be colored by tag, as that would be too intense.)

Also, the section cut lines should be in the specified color and dash pattern for the relevant tag.

Then I would be able to generate all my diagrams without stacking viewports.

Thanks in anticipation…

-having different line colors for different tags is already doable, by overriding the tag color in Layout.
_having different section fill colors for different tags have been a longstanding wish that has been discussed in length on this forum.

There are plugins that will do it, also with textures for the section cut.

Thanks for the quick feedback!

The ability to have different colored/dashed lines by tag in Layout is great. However, by the “section cut lines” I mean the edges generated by the cut, called “Section Lines” in the SketchUp Style edit dialog. They don’t seem to follow the tag line colour/dash pattern in Layout.

I’ll have a look for a plug-in…

Have you tried Skalp? It’s a plugin that lets you do some of the things you’re requesting, it’s a very useful tool specially for architects. Anyways what I use to do when I I have to make plans similar to the ones you’re making, is to use the layout tools to create fills with different colors or patterns, unfortunately the section cut line doesn’t have a lot of options to be modified, you could set the width to 1 on sketchup and redraw it with different styles on layout as well.

Curic Section Lite is also an easy plugin for customizing/assigning section fill by tag or material.

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If I remember right, SectionCutFace from @TIG will do the job. It is at Sketchucatiion, free.

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This is done with TIG’s Section Cut Face plugin.

It’s quite simple to do. As for the section lines, though, there’s nothing that can be done to make them follow the tag color or give them different colors, at least directly in SketchUp.

Not entirely true, :wink: you can use Create Group from Slice and colour the edges and faces however you want. You need to move the section itself slightly so the group can be seen and best to reduce the section edges but it does work. Not a particularly efficient workflow, but it is, I think, theoretically possible even in the web version, not that I have bothered to try it.
I only brought it up because I think many are unaware of ‘Create Group from Slice’.

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It’s been long time since I used it but doesn’t TIG’s plug-in generate lines? Or are they hidden by default? That would allow for updating more efficiently than re-creating the slice groups.

Your choice. Here is a view showing the section cut faces without the grease cup or cap.

The section cut faces create with TIG’s plugin could be set to automatically update with changes in the section cut location.

You can do section cut fill color by style and make the cut any color you like.

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