Section line colors

Hi !
on my plans, I usually use these settings :

  • hidden lines (styles)
  • color by tag

this way, all the edges are the color of their tag.

Now, I would like to do the same with the section line color.

Does anybody has a tip to do that ?
I want the color of the section line to be the color of the layer of the cut object.

Thanks in advance !

Section cut color is an overall color, concerning the whole model. It can’t be changed to be different colors per tag.

Thank you for your reply.
That’s what I feared !
It’s a shame and a real weak point (or am I the only one to think so?) for Sketchup compared to other architectural software (Autocad, Archicad, Revit…).
I hope Trimble will read this post one day and do something about it. Or that someone will make a great extension to solve this problem!

I feel your “pain” and yes, it would have been nice if it were possible. On the other hand, while comparing also compare the price. And the joy modeling in one program against the other. Also the inferencing engine etc.
p.s. you could make a feature request. It would be a nice feature.

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There’s a way to do it but you need the zorro 2 plug in, right click on the section plane and slice the model, then to the lines created from the slice you can assign different tags, from layout you can change the color and width of every tag given on Sketchup.

If you hide section planes those lines are hidden too?

I totally agree, and that’s why I abandoned my old way of working: sketchup + autocad to switch to Sketchup + skalp + layout.
I like to draw with Sketchup, much more than with Autocad.
And I don’t like Revit or Archicad, which are more configuration software than drawing software. That’s just my opinion !
But now that I spend all my time working on Sketchup, I dream that it will improve again and again, because some weak points are really problematic to me.
The main ones in my opinion:

  • hatches do not exist (skalp is great but a bit weak for my taste)
  • layout is a bit too poor and too slow.
  • exporting a whole project properly to other software (dwg, archicad, revit) to exchange with engineers is very complicated…
    What are you talking about with “referencing engine”?
    I didn’t know you could make a feature request, I’ll do it! thanks !
    And thanks to Francisquitof, I will check that !

referencing engine / inferencing engine or inference system if you like.

See: (for instance)