Skalp, live solid section tool for SketchUp


Thanks Guy I’ve just bought it now. I thought the link was just a headline. I hadn’t realised that it was clickable!


This is what you can achieve when you use Skalp for Sketchup…

Project by Adrian Sabau -


Tommy Kaneko presenting “Construction Documents with Skalp for SketchUp” at 3D Basecamp London 2015.


Overview of the new upcoming Skalp 1.5 pro features.
Skalp 1.5 pro will be a free update for all 1.x users.


Create professional drawing from your SketchUp models with Skalp for SketchUp!


You can use the official version of Skalp for Sketchup on SketchUp 2016!

If you install SketchUp 2016 on the same computer like the previous version, there won’t be any license issue’s. Please re-install Skalp on the new SketchUp version and don’t copy it from the previous version! It should be possible to reactivate Skalp again on the new version. Both versions of Skalp will be working on the same computer.

If there is a problem please contact us again at

We will shortly come with an updated version with a Digital Signature to run in the highest security mode of SketchUp 2016.

We are also working very hard on doing some nice things with the new LayOut API.

The Skalp Team


We are glad to announce Skalp for SketchUp 1.2, a nice first Christmas present to all our users!
This update looks like a minor update, but it isn’t. To meet the specs of the SketchUp Extension Warehouse we had to rewrite a lot of code to workaround some SketchUp API limitations. Now this is done we get to focus on new features and improvements, but first we want to show you what we have done:

NEW: Easy fog setting tool. From the Skalp options menu a new Fog Settings section allows to define and activate SketchUp’s fog at a distance relative to an activated Skalp section. This feature only works whenever your sectionplane is parallel to the viewport.

Changed: Way better support for SketchUp’s UNDO/REDO operations. This represents some major rewrite work in Skalp’s code. Changes are also made to the way Skalp links it’s sectionplanes to each scene. Older Skalp models will be converted to the new format automatically. In some cases it might be necessary to relink a Skalp section to a Scene manually.

Improved: Skalp materials for different scales are no longer stored multiple times in the model. Scales are now using applied using UV mapping. Older Skalp sections will be converted to the new format upon first recalculation.

Change: Skalp patterns are now always stored in the model at a printscale of 1:1 Different drawing scales are based on and use this same pattern using UV mapping to implement the actual print scale on the model.

Improved: Skalp in-section edit tool now allows selection of nested component instances and groups. This eases assignment of Skalp patterns to nested objects.

Fix: Foreign language/special characters are now supported on Skalp section names, layer names, material names, tags and Skalp pattern names.

NEW: Save a Skalp Style to a file and load this Skalp Style to an other scene or an other model.

Skalp is now signed as a trusted extension for use on SketchUp 2016

We are working hard on new features and improvements. New things must be tested: shortly we’ll need extra beta testers for Skalp 1.5. One major new feature in Skalp 1.5 beta will be forward views included in DXF exports. If you can help us with testing this much improved and long requested feature in Skalp DXF export, please contact us at
We are always looking for awesome projects and user stories. If you like to share your Skalp experiences with the rest of the world please send your coolest examples to

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

The Skalp Team


This is what users do with our plugin Skalp for SketchUp…

Project by KCDA


Hi Guy,

Any news about skalp 1.5?


I hope very soon (within a month)


That’s fantastic news. Thanks


The Skalp extension is really the missing tool for creating professional construction drawings from your SketchUp models. Look what Santiago Molina can do with SketchUp and Skalp.


Does Skalp solve the problem of not being able to dimension a section cut in layout?

I just posted this problem here… but then stubbled upon Skalp. Would this work for what I am trying to do?



What version of SketchUp do you use. Since version 2016 LO can snap to the sectioncut in LO by default. For previous version Skalp can help you because it generates faces on the section plane. These faces are snappable in LO.

Kind regards,



Skalp will be presenting the new Skalp version at 3D Basecamp next week…

fully automated Skalp Hiddenline Mode
amazing Rear View Projection
laser sharp Section Cut Widths
super easy Align View
professional Forward and Rear View Projections in DXF
improved Depth Clipping
Thea Render support


Great Documents - Good to see Da Nang Architects so innovative !


The Skalp Team is proud to present Skalp 2.0 beta

New Features:

  • fully automated Skalp Hiddenline Mode
  • amazing Rear View Projection
  • raiser sharp Section Cut Widths
  • super easy Align View
  • professional Forward and Rear View Projections in DXF
  • improved Depth Clipping
  • Thea Render support

You can download Skalp 2.0 beta from our download page:


Skalp 2.0 for SketchUp 2017

If you can’t wait to start playing with the new SketchUp 2017, don’t forget to update you Skalp version to Skalp 2.0 beta. You can [download Skalp 2.0 for SketchUp 2017] ( from our website.

Important to know…

  • Skalp 1.x doesn’t work with SketchUp 2017, you need Skalp 2.0 to use Skalp in SketchUp 2017
  • Models edited with Skalp 2.0 can’t be used anymore with Skalp 1.x
  • You can activate Skalp 2.0 with your Skalp 1.x license activation code.
  • At this moment you can’t download Skalp 2.0 from the extension warehouse.

What’s new in Skalp 2.0…

  • Support for SketchUp 2017 Pro and SketchUp 2017 Make
  • Rear View Projection
  • Section Cut Widths
  • Fully automated Skalp Hiddenline Mode (previous called Skalp Pattern Layers)
  • DXF export including forward and rear View Projection
  • Align View function
  • Depth Clipping
  • Thea Render support


These are excellent features to add to the feature set. I will have to try it sooner than later!

What exactly is the align view function?


The Align view, is just a simple function to align the view with the active sectionplane with one click.