Skalp, live solid section tool for SketchUp


One of the missing features in SketchUp are solid sections. We developed a plugin Skalp for SketchUp to create live solid sections from the standard SketchUp section tool. Skalp has a lot a nice features:

  • live updating of the section
  • multiple representations of the same section
  • multiple scales in the same model from the same section
  • pattern assignment *by layer, by object, by texturep, by tag or any combination
  • pattern designer to create tileable texture based on autocad pattern files
  • export to dxf
  • selecting objects from the section.

But we like to know what features are missing to become the section tool you need…

Full scope of Sketchup use in architecture

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I used plugins similar to Skalp but would like to know if with Skalp, I can show the projection above any of my sections, like in dotted line type of thing, adjusting the projection distance or maybe, the layer to be projected? I don’t know how difficult could be to implement this in your plugins but defensibly, it will be a feature that will make the difference.



At this moment this isn’t possible but it’s on top of our wish list.


120 free Skalp materials…

All materials can be edited with the Skalp Pattern Designer. You can change the size, the line and background color, and the line weight.

When exporting your Skalp section to dxf the patterns will be replaced by autocad pattern definitions.

Download the materials from the SketchUp 3D warehouse:


We just released a new Skalp for SketchUp 1.0 maintenance release.

This maintenance release has a lot of improvements on DXF export:

  • handle model units instead of inches
  • patterns are scaled correctly in dxf
  • drawing order fill, hatch and outline is corrected
  • batch export to dxf of all scenes at once
  • skalp styles can be uses to control the layers in dxf
  • skalp style option to export sections in dxf to the same layer of the sectioned object
  • the exported dxf is now zoomed out correctly when opening

The pattern designer now has the option to export all skalp materials for 2D use in Layout.

There are also a lot of other small fixes which you can read about in the release notes

You can download this latest version from our download page. You can also read the full release notes at the download page.

The Skalp Team


Hi Guy,

I would like to know everything about the combination between Skalp and the Condoc Tools.
As a fellow architect you would like this tool also.
Condoc sets up your project fast with plans, elevations and sections in different scenes.
But these scenes aren’t linked to the Skalp sections.

Any idea how to solve this?

I emailed you via the Skalp helpdesk also.
Condocs helpdesk is 90 dollars per 1,5 hour…
I hope this works…

Big Thanks!!



I need to look into Condoc Tools but I don’t think you need Condoc tools when you use Skalp.




Hi Guy,

I emailed with Jeroen about this.
We can set up a Teamviewer session, he suggested.
Would be nice!



Upcoming new feature… Skalp material ‘Align with Object’

Skalp materials will have the option to automatically align to the longest edge of the assigned SketchUp object. This is very useful for materials like insulation and plywood…


We placed a component with all ‘NEN arceringen’ (standard hatching for use in the Netherlands) on the SketchUp 3D Warehouse. You can download this for free to use in Skalp.

download directly from the 3D Warehouse


Drawing insulation, bat insulation and timber patterns is always been hard to do with CAD. Skalp for SketchUp has introduced the ‘Align by Pattern’ option. Now it’s easy to get correct hatched insulation, bat insulation and timber.


We created some Skalp material libraries which you can download for FREE from the SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

Place these components in your model or your template and you have access to all the hatchings inside Skalp.
All materials can be edited with the Skalp Pattern Designer. You can change the size, the line and background color, and the line weight or you can use it to create your own material.

When exporting your Skalp section to dxf the patterns will be replaced by autocad pattern definitions.

Watch our Video to see how you can download and use these FREE Skalp materials:

If there are certain hatchings which you would like, please let us know.

Best Regards,

The Skalp Team


Which plugin similar to skalp did You use? Adam


If you want to start with Skalp for SketchUp, you should definitely watch the getting started video tutorial…


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I’d like to buy it but there doesn’t seem to be any discount applied on your website.


You need to click on the link to get the discount.


I did click the link and it takes you to a page with a ‘buy now’ button. I then pressed ‘buy now’ and the price comes up as £53 GBP which I think is the normal and not discounted price.



You don’t need to click on the website link. You need to click on the promolink or just click the following link: