Skalp isn’t dead



I’ve seen several posts with the question if ‘Skalp is dead’… no Skalp isn’t dead and we are also not bought by Trimble (although I like the idea)

The reason why we slowed down last year is very simple, we had to spend more time on our architectural work to pay the bills.

Skalp is created original for our own architectural work and we still use it every day… I can ensure you that Skalp will never die… because we need it ourselves everyday.

Maybe it looks like nothing is happening with Skalp but in the meantime we developed some nice new features. This new version will be released together with the new SketchUp version…



Hmmm…this all sounds a lot like Mark Twain…


I think your link is dead too!


I’d say that link is spam


Hi Guy,

Nice to hear from you again and that Skalp is still alive. But that certainly took a long time, to notify this community.

All the best,


But isn’t a scalp that is not dead rather a zombie?


Fantastic news, that’s made my day. Skalp is an amazing product, it’s developed by people who use it at the coal face so to speak so it’s a great balance of simplicity and complexity. Look forward to the new version.


I have to admit I stopped using it. I found it a little cumbersome and with Patterns in LO and Section Fills in SU I muttled along. I will definitely take another run at it when the new version comes out. :wine_glass:


Strange that you Skalp call cumbersome compared to patterns in Lo.
Ofcourse iT has to do with your workflow. I use our bylayer method most of the time and all my sections are hatched correctly without almost doing anything. Just put everything on the correct layer.


I did have some success with it and I would be the first to admit that I didn’t spend enough time learning the nuances. However anytime you introduce a major extension into your work flow there is a control and performance toll. I was one of the early adopters and I look forward to trying the new version.


I still use Skalp every day. Although Sketchup’s built in section fill may be better for simple presentations, I still need Skalp for my construction documents.

I also think it manages section planes better than Sketchup’s normal section tool. It is so hard to grab the right section plane without Skalp.

To be honest, I don’t think there is much more to add to Skalp. It does what it does really well. I’d be happy with just maintenance releases.


I’m with @TommyK on this.

I use Skalp all the time and could not do without it. It is my most used Extension. It’s works perfectly every time and makes producing Construction documents so much easier.

Also agree that as far as I can see, there’s nothing really to add to it, so maintenance releases would be fine.



Scalp is great, but architects, who have no enough money, and don’t need extra functions could try this to fill the sections:


  1. Skalp isn’t prohibitively expensive.
  2. If funds is a problem, there are free solutions also available.
  3. Your post should be in a different thread or create a thread of your own.