Skalp working on 2019 Pro?

I am evaluating Skalp. Does anyone have Skalp version 4.0 working?
I have had it freeze, crash SU with no bugsplat and I have not been able to fill a section. Also I have had to repair SU after the crash. Otherwise I have had no issues with SU.

When you install any complex app like SketchUp you must do it in a certain way - anything else can result in unexpected issues - often around folder/file permissions…

When you installed it, did you do it in the only correct way ?
Here are the steps to Install / Repair it…
Whilst logged in as your normal Windows user…
Close SketchUp if it’s open.
Find the SketchUp installer’s exe file - probably in your Downloads folder ?
Select its icon.
Right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”
When prompted choose “Repair” [on a fresh installation you obviously need to choose “Install” !]
When it completes restart SketchUp and see if that helped…

Some extensions write user’s files, these can be compromised if permissions were incorrect.
Often a repair+restart fixes this, but otherwise you might need to contact the extension’s author for more advice about trashing files…

Ironic that you replied. I just remembered that ( sometimes it takes a bit to get the brain cells working ) your section cut face ext. installed. I removed it as I found it was interfering with Skalp.

Thx Dave

There is no way that my SectionCutFace Extension should interfere with Skalp.
BUT if you have any evidence of this, then I’m sure that both Guy&co and myself would be very happy to see it.
Theirs is a commercial Extension, while mine is ‘free’ - so obviously they’ll want to avoid unexpected clashes etc…
Off hand I can’t see any interaction between their two processes…
Obviously if you ‘mix’ the section-cuts from the two different approaches, then they might interact unexpectedly… BUT I can’t fathom how ???

I have it partially working but I am still experiencing crashes. I will reload yours and see what happens. I have disabled ALL extensions and have it stabilized, now to start reloading.

I am not sure what transpired, disabling all extensions and installing Skalp is working. I enabled the rest of the extensions in 3 batches and it is still stable. Ahh the joys of computers.

If a plugin add new geometry to to model Skalp will be triggered and update the section. If adding the geometry of the sectiecut to the model triggers an other plugin which results in adding new geometry to model we got a loop which can freeze SketchUp!

Plugins that are not compatible with SketchUp 2019 can crash the ruby engine which can result in Skalp not working as designed or not working at all.

I can ensure you that Skalp 4.0 is working with SketchUp 2019!
Skalp 4.0 ONLY works with SketchUp 2019!

Hi @Guy

I can second that, and it works well in Version 2019. I absolutely could not do without it.

I’ve only had one Bugsplat when using it, and I think that was my fault by not being patient and trying to do other things while it was generating, (switching scenes too quickly, backwards and forwards between two, while asking it to refresh the Reflected Ceiling Plan).

I do have one query though, and this is not specific to Version 4, but something I’ve noticed on all the versions I’ve had.

When I generate all the various Sections, creating the Scenes in the process, they all appear ok while Skalp is running.

Sometimes though, when I then quite Skalp and check the scenes again, there may sometimes be a scene that is missing the Skalp Section.

So, I restart Skalp, the scene regenerates, I quite Skalp, and then the scenes are ok.

It’s as if the scene is ‘forgetting’ the Skalp section.

Hope that makes sense.

Kind regards


Michael, this is as designed. If you want to use the Skalp sections inside the scenes without Skalp is running, you need to use the function ‘Export all scenes to LayOut’. This will update the Skalp section inside the scenes.

Thank you @Guy

I’ll give that a go. That Title, ‘Export all Scenes to Layout’, always confused me. So it doesn’t actually ‘Export’ to Layout, it just updates and ‘locks’ the Skalp Section to the individual scenes, if that makes sense, so that they don’t disappear when Skalp is closed?

Kind regards



I have Skalp 4.0 plus the update after the original 4.0 release, working on SU Pro 2019 without any problems.

Still a newbie here, but the advice others give about how you install Extensions correctly, is sage, and worth applying to your process.
If you are having any issue, suggest uninstall it, then re-install.

Has anyone tried contacting Skalp support recently ? As far as i can tell they have gone completely silent / no longer communicating. I was emailing support on June 11th - got a preliminary reply on the 12th - but after that its been lights out and no response to any email ever since (this is before we got a chance to troubleshoot the problem). Just wondering if anyone knows anything ?

What was the problem about?
I recently (24 juni) attended a demo from the developers and they seemed ok, by me!

Interesting. Its really bizarre how they wont respond to any email or support request through the website form. The problem I had was a scene in which skalp would create strange polygons (that were not a part of my scene) that would mess up the section cut if you turned on Skalp. Guy asked me to send him the scene, so I did that - and after that I never heard any reply (since June 12th)

Try @Guy

tried it - that doesnt seem to work either.