Skalp plugin can not install on SketchUp Pro 2019

Can not install and activate

I think you need to provide ore information to get a helpful reply. How is it not working? What is happening? Are there any error messages? And so on.

which version of SKALP and which version of SU2019Pro?

Skalp version 4.o , Release date 2019-08-12
I am use Sketchup pro2019 . Cause activate license error
I would like to help because I buy 1 seat and 1 maintenance
Thank you very much for

Dear Khun Eneroth3
I buy Skalp version4.0 release date 2019-08-12
I use Sketchuppro 2019
Cause: Activate error
Thank you
Thon. user from Thailand

Dear Khun Julian_Smith
I use Sketchup pro version 19.3.253 64bit
Skalp version 4.0
Activate license error
I buy 1 seat and 1 maintenance , 5 day ago
Thank you for help
Thon, user for Thailand

Have you contacted the Skalp people? They’d be the best ones to help you.

Dear DaveR
I contact Skalp support team said
under bellow message from team Skalp provide me,
I send you a second mail telling not to move but to copy the Skalp.lic file

The problem is Flextools. Try to copy instead of moving. If that doesn’t fix disable Flextools to see if that fix the problem.

Kind regards,