Skalp Issue?


Just opened Sketchup today, and the attached popped up.

I’m guessing there is some issue with Skalp today and would be good if @Guy could confirm, as it is not working at all.

Kind regards


Skalp Issue - 21DEC20

Here is the bottom half of the dialogue box @Guy

Just when I need it too. Deadline at the end of today :grimacing:

Skalp Issue 2 - 21DEC20

So, after a lot of help from @Guy the problem has been solved for Sketchup Pro 2021, (yes, I finally downloaded and installed it :grinning:).

Apparently, it is something to do with ‘Vue’. Must confess, I know more about the Dark Side of the Moon than I do about what Vue does, but Guy and his team did an update to Skalp 2021 and it now works ok.

They are working on the fix for Skalp 2020 tomorrow.

Thankyou to Guy and his team for solving this, while I was panicking about a deadline.

Fingers crossed, all will run smoothly now :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


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