Skalp compatibility

@Guy is Skalp compatible with 2024 on MacOS? Or should I hang fire and wait for an update?


You can try it. You can install SketchUp 2024 without removing 2023.

OK, good. Didn’t realise I could do that. ta

Like always, each major release of SketchUp installs as a separate application. Best practice is to leave the previous one until you get moved into the new one.

OK, well that doesn’t work.
SketchUp (that is).
I’ll just have to email support I think.

What doesn’t work exactly?


Exceeded activations. Even though deauthorized all devices, signed out etc.

Did you quit SU2023 and 2024 after signing out and then deauthorizing? Maybe just need to clear the web cache.

yes done that, now just getting a bugsplat trying to sign in on 2024. 2023 signs in fine.
Going to restart