Sketchup 2022 and Skalp


I have already sent a message to Guy at Skalp, but thought I would also ask the question here as well.

Does Skalp work with Sketchup 2022?

Almost ready to upgrade, but as Skalp is a key part of my workflow, I could do with knowing first.


Based on other reports I’ve seen, Skalp doesn’t seem to be updated for SketchUp 2022 yet.

Skalp download page has a 2022 version to download.

( Have I missed something in the Skalp conversation…? )

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I was only going by recent posts here on the forum in which other users have indicated problems with it. Personally it’s not an extension I need or want to use.

It does, just not for M1 macs.

Many thanks for the replies. Much appreciated, and helpful as always.

Just found out that I do not need to upgrade just yet as apparently 2021 is still supported, for a while yet anyway.

May leave it a few months.


@Guy any news on the M1 version?

My Pro Macbook Pro Max ultra superdooper is arriving this week and would be totally lost without Skalp :grimacing:

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Keep your old machine hanging around. I use Skalp for basic setups in SU2022 running under Rosetta. To do any actual work on the section (fills) I have to save it out as 2019 then open it on my old machine under 2019 to do the work. Not optimal in any way.
I think it must be Monterey related as 2020 & 2021 exhibit the same behaviour. Would be interesting to know if anyone is using Big Sur on M1 and running Skalp on SU 2021 (or 2022 under Rosetta)

Aaargh - nightmare. I’m not independent any more and have to rely on corporate IT for hardware now. I just gleefully switched from a Quadro RTX powered PC


I’m working with an M1 MacBook Air and we have several older macBook pro’s in our office.

Skalp 2021 (with Sketchup 2021) works perfect on all machines including M1 mac’s.
Skalp 2022 ( with Sketchup 2022) only works perfect on the non M1 machines.

When installing Skalp 2022 on my M1 MacBook Air, there is an notification from Skalp that the M1 version wil be coming soon.

This means they don’t have a Universal version of the extension yet. For now, to use Skalp in 2022, Get Info on SketchUp (in Applications/SketchUp 2022) and check the box that says to open in Rosetta. Doing that will mean that performance in general won’t be as good, but at least Skalp 2022 will work.

I duplicated SketchUp and set one copy to open in Rosetta. That way I can get good performance when I don’t need to use an extension that hasn’t been updated yet, and I open the Rosetta copy when I need to use those extensions.

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Thanks Colin,

This works perfectly and Skalp on rosetta runs faster than on Sketchup 2021.

Can I ask what version of macOS you are using? Skalp does not work correctly on my version of Monterey. I am unable to select selection portions to apply patterns. It just selects the entire Skalp Plane.

I’m running the latest version of Big Sur (11.6.5)

Right, thanks. As I thought, its a Monterey specific issue.