Purchased M1 Mac Monterey Version 12.1 SketchUp Pro 2020 fails to load. Reloaded and still fails


You might try SketchUp 2022. SU2020 does not officially support M1 or Monterey.

I will try to find a copy to download. I assume it comes with a CD disk or down load file!
Thanks. Jim

SketchUp hasn’t come on a CD in more than 10 years. Download is available from sketchup.com/download/all

$ 229/yr… I use SketchUp when I build a home so I am looking to complete the plans on the home I started on my 2012 Mac Pro. Worked great there but at long last the 2012 went south. I was just told rosetta could be used to make old software run on a M1 anyone try it?

Some people have had success with it. You can try it.

I was just starting a search for it. Is it Mac software are private software?

It is part of the system software. When you run SketchUp 2020 on an M1 machine for the first time, it gets cross compiled to work as an M1 application. That conversion process is what Rosetta 2 is.

In my tests I get close to Intel Mac performance when using Rosetta on M1. So, it would make your SketchUp 2020 run well enough to compare ok against your 2012 machine. Also, the speed of writing to SSD on new machines, and the general design of M1, makes opening and saving files seem faster too.