Skalp, live solid section tool for SketchUp

Great plugin! I only mis a table with diferent materials. Its hard when you have to look one by one.

And a question: can Skalp show cutting components! I have just discovered cutting components but I think it wouldn’t work with Skalp…

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A graphical material selector is comming…
What exactly do you mean with cutting components?

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Nice news about graphical material selector :slight_smile:

Regarding “cutting components”. Cutting components i
s a feature of SketchUp. When you create a component you can select “cut opening”. This creates a cut on the surface that you place them. It is a very interesting feature because you can create windows and move them through the wall without having to adapt the hole each time.

Skalp recognizes the limits of the gap. But at the same time it also fills the hollow interior. Therefore it visualizes the hollow like massif. Sorry about my English, I think with an image is all better explained.

Skalp doesn’t support this feature. This cut opening isn’t really a opening internally in the geometry. We have been looking for supporting this feature but it isn’t that easy and is somewhere very low on our to do list.

I use hole cutting components in all my projects. It’s a method that allows for fast and accurate SU modelling and design iteraction. The bigger the project the more useful they become.

I’m not a Skalp user though.

Yes! Skalp 3.0 for SketchUp 2018 is now being released and can be downloaded from our website .

What’s new…
At first sight Skalp 3.0 looks pretty similar to Skalp 2.x. If you know Skalp already, you’ll be able to jump right in. But don’t let the surface fool you, we’ve reworked and fixed many crucial things ‘under the hood’. First we had to make Skalp compatible with SketchUp 2018 and in doing so we decided to embrace the really cool new ‘under the hood stuff’ in SketchUp 2018. This will enable us to bring you a series of new features over the course of the following months. However, it comes at a price: there are things we simply cannot do on the ‘older’ SketchUp 2017 and as a consequence:
Skalp 3.0 can only be installed on SketchUp 2018.

Reversely, SketchUp 2018’s new improvements to its native section tool prevents us to keep running and developping our ‘old’ Skalp 2.x. code on SketchUp 2018.
If are using SketchUp 2017 or older and for some reason you cannot (yet) upgrade to SketchUp 2018, you will need to stay on Skalp 2.x. for now.
Skalp 1.x and Skalp 2.x will only run on SketchUp 2014-2017: they will not run on SketchUp 2018.

Skalp versions are available for download on our website.

Skalp 3.0 also introduces a new yearly Maintenance and Support formula.
So what does this mean for you?

Free upgrade: All users who bought Skalp less then a year ago can use their existing License Activation Code to activate Skalp 3.0.

When you are not entitled to a free upgrade you will be able to buy a 1-year Skalp Upgrade, Maintenance and Support for the following price: 39€ / 44$ for a single seat license and 78€ / 88$ for a multi-seat license. This will give you the following benefits:

  • Upgrades to new major versions of Skalp when they come available
  • Maintenance releases
  • Technical support (by email)

Be reassured, this is not a subscription and your Skalp license will stay a permanent license which is valid for all Skalp versions released up until one year from your date of purchase or until the expiration date of your Skalp Maintenance periode has been reached.

How do I buy this 1-year Skalp Upgrade, Maintenance and Support:

  1. Download and install Skalp on SketchUp 2018
  2. Try to activate with you existing License Activation Code.
  3. In case your Maintenance period nears its expiration date or has expired already, you will automatically be
    presented the option to buy/extend your Skalp Upgrade, Maintenance and Support for a 1-year period.
  4. You will be able to activate Skalp 3.0 with you existing License Activation Code directly after purchasing.

Your help is crucial. We need your feedback to see and expose issues we might have missed. So please make sure to contact us with any feedback and or questions at

We’re constantly looking for new use cases and showcase projects. If you like to share some of your projects to help promote Skalp, please get in touch with us, or simply send us your files. We hope you like Skalp 3.0 for SketchUp 2018 as we do. If you do, please help spreading the word.

Thank you!


How much is the maintenance / upgrades?

Yep we forgot to mention the prices…

Free upgrade: All users who bought Skalp less then a year ago can use their existing License Activation Code to activate Skalp 3.0.

When you are not entitled to a free upgrade you will be able to buy a 1-year Skalp Upgrade, Maintenance and Support for the following price: 39€ / 44$ for a single seat license and 78€ / 88$ for a multi-seat license

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I’m a pretty big Skalp fanboy but I think now is a really good time to highlight the differences between Skalp and the native section tool in SketchUp 2018 so we can push Skalp to even more users.

I’m afraid people will see the new section tool and drop Skalp despite the incredible things it does. Maybe these features should be front and centre in publicity and mail outs?

Section materials by layer, Skalp hidden line, scale hatches, rear projection etc

The rear projection feature by itself is incredibly time saving and worth the price!


Thanks Jason.

Absolutely, I’m a big Skalp user. The Scale hatches are awesome. Rear Projection is an absolute time saver.
AutoCAD .pat files. Section Cut line widths per material. Pattern / Hatch management & export to Layout.
Sketchup + Skalp + Layout = Beautiful Drawings.


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Have to say, I absolutely love Skalp! It creates great hatches, and the fact that hatches can be defined by layer is a huge time saver, and produces professional looking details and drawings.

I’m hoping Version 3.0 and Sketchup 2018 work as well as Sketchup 2017 and Skalp Version 2.

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I have the version 3 and I don’t see any difference so far with version 2 besides being compatible with 2018 and you have to pay the “nonsubscription” fee that looks like a subscription. Could you please tell us the differences and what are the new coming features?

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Agree - I got a shock when I was just rolling over onto 2018 and got hit for a subscription fee for essentially a patch.

I still think SKALP is essential for construction drawings but having to upgrade 3 licenses with no obvious enhancements makes me reconsider if I continue with SKALP or look at workarounds using the native capability

@flino @gsharp We fully understand your point of view.

But let me explain something. For the end user it may look like nothing is changed, but internally we need to do every year a lot of effort to make Skalp compatible with the latest SketchUp version. At this moment 3.0 doesn’t have any new features visible for the end user. In the coming weeks and months new things will come. We had to put these new feature aside to focus first on making a Skalp version for SketchUp 2018 if not, Skalp couldn’t be used on SketchUp 2018. What will be coming… with the next update (this week or next week) we will implement line weights and true color in our dxf export. Very soon we will also support dwg export and a bit later a fully new graphical material selector / management. All this this feature and probably a lot more you will get for free within your maintenance.

I read ‘non subscription’ which feels like a subscription. Is SketchUp a subscription? No it isn’t and nor is Skalp. You can perfectly stay for ever working with Skalp using the latest SketchUp version released within a year after you bought Skalp.

The Skalp Team


Thanks for prioritizing.

Yes please! Especially the material selector / management.


Any maintenance fee is a subscription with a different name to me and I’m fine to pay when it’s proportional…I would say that the skalp ratio is the highest of all my maintenance fees, 50% of the license.

I use your plugin every day and I like it a lot so I’m looking forward to seeing those improvements. My comment regarding the charge is because I updated SU (the host application) and I was obligated to get that maintenance fee but I got what I had only in 2018.

going back to “Maintenance fee” … when it becomes an obligation is a subscription because you have to have it… SU for example if you don’t pay in 30 days after expires you have to pay another fee and even if you pay after that let’s say 2 months later you maintenance fee runs from the moment that expires…So it’s an obligation to have it.

I remember well SU is $120 a year …if you don’t renew it on time they charge you $60 extra …so you pay a penalty fee for an “optional maintenance service”

Please, Fix the issue with the line weights… Let’s say I have a fireplace and so what I do is two scalp sections …one for the main floor and the other one only for the fireplace because the sections are in different heights… When I overlay the second section( fireplace) on top of the main section in LO I notice that they both have different line weight in some of the lines (they have exactly the same settings) .

How did you structure this model? Are you using the “by layer” method?

I don’t agree. A subscription is something that stops working if you don’t pay anymore. With Skalp and SketchUp you just don’t get any new version anymore but you can perfectly work with the software you already paid for.

Indeed the Skalp ratio is high, but maybe this is because the initial license is to cheap. I made a prototype of this plugin years ago just for my own practice and it saved me my expensive Vectorworks license with a very expensive maintenance subscription. I think the price and the maintenance fee is for a pro user a no brainer… and to be honest without this price and fee there isn’t any Skalp, nobody works for free.