Skalp, live solid section tool for SketchUp

Do you use the SketchUp lines or the special Skalp Lineweights? If you use the Skalp Lineweights you need to use the correct scale, because the line weights are scale depended. If you use the SketchUp you need to set the same SketchUp style (or the same settings) in your scenes.
Please send the layout file to so we can look into your problem.

Yes, by layer…It’s the only way I use Skalp

I use skalp line weights. only one style with section line width=1
both sections have the same scale 1/50. I’ll send you the file.



Fernando, I haven’t received any file.

I sent you an email yesterday with the link to download it.

Hi @Guy

I thought I would post this question here, rather than start a new topic, so I hope that this is ok.

I know that normal Sketchup Sections can be used within a group. This can be handy when creating sections of walls and not wanting the furniture within the rooms to be sectioned.

Is it possible to do this with Skalp? I did try the other day to enter the ‘walls’ group in my drawing and then use Skalp. It didn’t seem to like this and Sketchup bailed out and quit. I was within the base level group though and was trying to apply Skalp to raw geometry, so maybe it didn’t like this.

Could it be to do with “Depth Clipping”? I’m not really sure what that is.

Anyway, just a general query really. I use Skalp loads, and was just trying to figure out a way to use it on a particular project to section the walls, but not all the filing cabinets I had in the drawing.

Many thanks and kind regards


Today Trimble released SketchUp 2019

And yes there is a new Skalp version available for SketchUp 2019. This new Skalp version which only works with SketchUp 2019 can be downloaded from our website.

Do I need to buy an upgrade?
If you have an active Skalp Upgrade, Maintenance and Support you are can use your old Skalp license code to activate this new Skalp version. If your Maintenance is expired (with every new Skalp license 1-year Skalp Upgrade, Maintenance and support is included) you will get the option to buy a new Maintenance when you try to activate the new Skalp version with you license activation code directly from inside SketchUp.

What’s new in Skalp 2019:

  • We support the new SketchUp 2019 linestyles for our Rear View Projection. You still have the option to use our own Skalp linestyles.


  • Every Scene can have a different line style for the Rear View Projection when you use the SketchUp linestyle system.


  • When you don’t like the speeddown when using Skalp you can switch during modeling to the SketchUp Section Fill system. Just switch back when you want to see the full hatched Skalp version. At this moment the Section Fill Color is fixed set to Dark Grey when using the SketchUp Fill system. All other Skalp feature stay working when using the SketchUp Fill system.

  • We worked very hard on our export options:
    • We now also have the option to export to DWG

  • We support DXF/DWG up until version 2018

  • We support different Rear View Projection linestyles in the export.
  • You can now also export non-Skalp scenes
  • You can now select which scenes you want to export.

  • We now support lineweights for the Section Cut Width in the export
  • We now support truecolor instead of indexed color

If you find any bugs or strange behavior please contact us at

The Skalp Team


Hi @Guy

The latest version of Skalp for Sketchup Pro 2018 is brilliant. Works a treat and I really like the DWG Export.

Holding off on Sketchup 2019 at the moment as there’s no real reason for me to upgrade when my 2018 is working well. Also, there’s no changes to Layout, which, in my opinion, needed 90% of the development time.



But if you like the Skalp DWG export, maybe Skalp is the reason to update to 2019.

At this time there is already the new batch dwg exporter in Skalp 4.0 where you can select which scenes you like to export and have the abilty to export also non Skalp scenes. Very soon the option to export front and rearview lines to the correct layers we be introduced.
New features will only come to the latest SketchUp version.

Kind regards,



I will eventually @Guy, but I’m going to wait a bit as I like to make sure all the Bugs are ironed out first.


Where is the manual for SKALP 4 ? Online it only goes up to Version 3.

Hi @Guy,

Im having some issues with Skalp on SU version 19.2.222. Something is going wrong when I try to create scenes with Skalp. I’ve made a video showing the problem here…

I use skalp all day every day so hope you can sort this ASAP.

We can reproduce your problem. It’s an issue due the changement in order of naming sections in 2019.2. We missed this error because is not happening on Mac. We try the to fix this issue asap, but there will be probably no fixed version before Monday.

Kind regards,


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We just released a new Skalp update which fix the problem on Windows with SketchUp 2019.2 when adding new section planes.

This update has also some new features:

  • DWG/DXF Export ‘Presets’ are now replaced with more user adjustable settings

  • Support of SketchUp linestyles in DXF/DWG forward view export.
  • DWG/DXF Export forward and rear lines can now be exported to AutoCAD layers with same name as the SketchUp layer.


The update doesn’t work on PC windows 10. Clicked update and the window disappears. Noticed that the skalp window refreshed but when I tried to click or drag to expand it nothing happens. All the buttons have disappeared and I just get an error message. I’ve put a link to a video of what i see on my screen below

I’ve now restarted SU but Skalp isn’t installed any more - I need to reinstall (have done so several times now). Have downloaded the latest version from the website which was released in April and once the install is complete the orginal issue persits (can’t make scenes because scene names are created in a different order).

Please can you get this resolved…

The file of the new version wasn’t on the server. This is fixed now. Please download the new version from our website and install the extension. I’m sorry for the problem.


Fantastic - all sorted. Thanks @Guy!

@Guy Can you please clarify Skalp 3.0.0078 licencing? I have it licenced and loaded on SU2018Pro (kept it specifically for Skalp as I didn’t upgrade to Skalp 4 for SU2019Pro) and loaded an old project in SU2018Pro I needed to make some changes to. So I now want to update the section cuts, and Skalp tells me I’ve run out of maintenance and wants to sell me new maintenance, I click no as I don’t want new maintenance as I have a licence for Skalp 3.0.0078 which works fine on SU2018Pro (well, used to). Skalp then simply exists?! Erm, why? This is not a subscription service?! Maintenance may be subscription for obvious reasons, if I want support and updates yes, but I don’t, I simply want to continue using the extension I have a licence for. Did I miss something somewhere? I have read through the EULA and nowhere does it state it is subscription based, also when I go the URL for the “latest” EULA (which would only be applicable to newer downloaded software) it reads word for word the same (from what I can tell anyway).

So no feedback after 2 days. E-mail sent to Skalp support now as well.

Julian, Sorry for the late reaction.
The rule is you can use for ever each Skalp version which is released before the end of you Skalp Maintenance (you get 1 year of free Maintenance when you buy Skalp)
Julian, in your case 3.0.0078 is release 20-12-2018, your maintenance is expired 15-11-2018. The latest version you can use is Skalp 3.0.0072.

Kind regards,