Skalp, live solid section tool for SketchUp


Absolutely, I’m a big Skalp user. The Scale hatches are awesome. Rear Projection is an absolute time saver.
AutoCAD .pat files. Section Cut line widths per material. Pattern / Hatch management & export to Layout.
Sketchup + Skalp + Layout = Beautiful Drawings.



Have to say, I absolutely love Skalp! It creates great hatches, and the fact that hatches can be defined by layer is a huge time saver, and produces professional looking details and drawings.

I’m hoping Version 3.0 and Sketchup 2018 work as well as Sketchup 2017 and Skalp Version 2.


I have the version 3 and I don’t see any difference so far with version 2 besides being compatible with 2018 and you have to pay the “nonsubscription” fee that looks like a subscription. Could you please tell us the differences and what are the new coming features?


Agree - I got a shock when I was just rolling over onto 2018 and got hit for a subscription fee for essentially a patch.

I still think SKALP is essential for construction drawings but having to upgrade 3 licenses with no obvious enhancements makes me reconsider if I continue with SKALP or look at workarounds using the native capability


@flino @gsharp We fully understand your point of view.

But let me explain something. For the end user it may look like nothing is changed, but internally we need to do every year a lot of effort to make Skalp compatible with the latest SketchUp version. At this moment 3.0 doesn’t have any new features visible for the end user. In the coming weeks and months new things will come. We had to put these new feature aside to focus first on making a Skalp version for SketchUp 2018 if not, Skalp couldn’t be used on SketchUp 2018. What will be coming… with the next update (this week or next week) we will implement line weights and true color in our dxf export. Very soon we will also support dwg export and a bit later a fully new graphical material selector / management. All this this feature and probably a lot more you will get for free within your maintenance.

I read ‘non subscription’ which feels like a subscription. Is SketchUp a subscription? No it isn’t and nor is Skalp. You can perfectly stay for ever working with Skalp using the latest SketchUp version released within a year after you bought Skalp.

The Skalp Team


Thanks for prioritizing.

Yes please! Especially the material selector / management.


Any maintenance fee is a subscription with a different name to me and I’m fine to pay when it’s proportional…I would say that the skalp ratio is the highest of all my maintenance fees, 50% of the license.

I use your plugin every day and I like it a lot so I’m looking forward to seeing those improvements. My comment regarding the charge is because I updated SU (the host application) and I was obligated to get that maintenance fee but I got what I had only in 2018.

going back to “Maintenance fee” … when it becomes an obligation is a subscription because you have to have it… SU for example if you don’t pay in 30 days after expires you have to pay another fee and even if you pay after that let’s say 2 months later you maintenance fee runs from the moment that expires…So it’s an obligation to have it.

I remember well SU is $120 a year …if you don’t renew it on time they charge you $60 extra …so you pay a penalty fee for an “optional maintenance service”


Please, Fix the issue with the line weights… Let’s say I have a fireplace and so what I do is two scalp sections …one for the main floor and the other one only for the fireplace because the sections are in different heights… When I overlay the second section( fireplace) on top of the main section in LO I notice that they both have different line weight in some of the lines (they have exactly the same settings) .


How did you structure this model? Are you using the “by layer” method?


I don’t agree. A subscription is something that stops working if you don’t pay anymore. With Skalp and SketchUp you just don’t get any new version anymore but you can perfectly work with the software you already paid for.

Indeed the Skalp ratio is high, but maybe this is because the initial license is to cheap. I made a prototype of this plugin years ago just for my own practice and it saved me my expensive Vectorworks license with a very expensive maintenance subscription. I think the price and the maintenance fee is for a pro user a no brainer… and to be honest without this price and fee there isn’t any Skalp, nobody works for free.


Do you use the SketchUp lines or the special Skalp Lineweights? If you use the Skalp Lineweights you need to use the correct scale, because the line weights are scale depended. If you use the SketchUp you need to set the same SketchUp style (or the same settings) in your scenes.
Please send the layout file to so we can look into your problem.


Yes, by layer…It’s the only way I use Skalp


I use skalp line weights. only one style with section line width=1
both sections have the same scale 1/50. I’ll send you the file.




Fernando, I haven’t received any file.


I sent you an email yesterday with the link to download it.


Hi @Guy

I thought I would post this question here, rather than start a new topic, so I hope that this is ok.

I know that normal Sketchup Sections can be used within a group. This can be handy when creating sections of walls and not wanting the furniture within the rooms to be sectioned.

Is it possible to do this with Skalp? I did try the other day to enter the ‘walls’ group in my drawing and then use Skalp. It didn’t seem to like this and Sketchup bailed out and quit. I was within the base level group though and was trying to apply Skalp to raw geometry, so maybe it didn’t like this.

Could it be to do with “Depth Clipping”? I’m not really sure what that is.

Anyway, just a general query really. I use Skalp loads, and was just trying to figure out a way to use it on a particular project to section the walls, but not all the filing cabinets I had in the drawing.

Many thanks and kind regards



Today Trimble released SketchUp 2019

And yes there is a new Skalp version available for SketchUp 2019. This new Skalp version which only works with SketchUp 2019 can be downloaded from our website.

Do I need to buy an upgrade?
If you have an active Skalp Upgrade, Maintenance and Support you are can use your old Skalp license code to activate this new Skalp version. If your Maintenance is expired (with every new Skalp license 1-year Skalp Upgrade, Maintenance and support is included) you will get the option to buy a new Maintenance when you try to activate the new Skalp version with you license activation code directly from inside SketchUp.

What’s new in Skalp 2019:

  • We support the new SketchUp 2019 linestyles for our Rear View Projection. You still have the option to use our own Skalp linestyles.

  • Every Scene can have a different line style for the Rear View Projection when you use the SketchUp linestyle system.

  • When you don’t like the speeddown when using Skalp you can switch during modeling to the SketchUp Section Fill system. Just switch back when you want to see the full hatched Skalp version. At this moment the Section Fill Color is fixed set to Dark Grey when using the SketchUp Fill system. All other Skalp feature stay working when using the SketchUp Fill system.

  • We worked very hard on our export options:
    • We now also have the option to export to DWG

  • We support DXF/DWG up until version 2018

  • We support different Rear View Projection linestyles in the export.
  • You can now also export non-Skalp scenes
  • You can now select which scenes you want to export.

  • We now support lineweights for the Section Cut Width in the export
  • We now support truecolor instead of indexed color

If you find any bugs or strange behavior please contact us at

The Skalp Team

Skalp isn’t dead
Migrating extensions to SU2019

Hi @Guy

The latest version of Skalp for Sketchup Pro 2018 is brilliant. Works a treat and I really like the DWG Export.

Holding off on Sketchup 2019 at the moment as there’s no real reason for me to upgrade when my 2018 is working well. Also, there’s no changes to Layout, which, in my opinion, needed 90% of the development time.




But if you like the Skalp DWG export, maybe Skalp is the reason to update to 2019.

At this time there is already the new batch dwg exporter in Skalp 4.0 where you can select which scenes you like to export and have the abilty to export also non Skalp scenes. Very soon the option to export front and rearview lines to the correct layers we be introduced.
New features will only come to the latest SketchUp version.

Kind regards,



I will eventually @Guy, but I’m going to wait a bit as I like to make sure all the Bugs are ironed out first.