Skalp isn’t dead

Release notes:
v3.0.0078 (2018-12-20)

Fix: Skalp Crash when other plugins use onPreSaveModel observer.
Fix: Installing Skalp on windows.
New: DWG export
New: Export DXF/DWG non-Skalp scene
New: Skalp no longer inhibits SketchUp scene animations. Skalp section cut is made for last frame in scene animation.
New: Skalp now supports standard SketchUp fog functionality.
New: DXF export supports lineweights.
New: DXF export supports truecolor instead of indexed colors.
New: pdf manuals converted to an online manual sytem
Improvement: Faster rearview calculation
Improvement: Faster DXF/DWG export
Fix: Skalp not responding when exporting all scenes to DXF/DWG without any Skalp scene in your model
Fix: Forward view missing when exporting active view to dxf
Fix: After activation Skalp can be used without an internet connection.
Fix: Skalp no longer interferes with SketchUp native Fog functionality.
Fix: Skalp startup error on Windows.
General stability improvements and bugfixes.


1-year Skalp Upgrade, Maintenance and Support cost: 39€ / 44$ for a single seat license and 78€ / 88$ for a multi-seat license (1 payment for all seats). All versions released during your maintenance periode will never expire and will work for ever on the latest SketchUp version at the moment of release but they will not work on future SketchUp versions.

At this moment it’s possible to reactivate a maintenance at any time without any penalty.

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Thanks Guy, for all your update info.

Thanks for the update @Guy, appreciated.

Ooooo, this sounds interesting! Like the updates too. Looking forward to the new version.

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Today we released a new Skalp version for SketchUp 2019…

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Hi @Guy

So, tried Sketchup 2019, and Layout STILL has the same bad zooming issue as 2018, on my iMac. Therefore, sticking with 2018.

Will Skalp still be supported for Sketchup 2018?


We keep our previous versions for previous SketchUp version but they won’t be further developed. All new developments will always be only for the newest SketchUp version for technical reasons.

Please let me know where can I find pattern designer we had before?
I’ve got Skalp 2019 version and there is no “Patterns” --> “Create new patterns” etc.
Can I create new patterns from texture in sketchup or there is only import .pat files option ???

Dear Skalp Team,
this post started with the comment that Skalp isn’t dead. But on my System it is. I just purchased Skalp 2019 for SketchUp Pro 2019 but since I downloaded it its only creating problems. First of all it keeps crashing sketch up, even for the most simplest tasks ( on test files with 3 simple volumes)
The interface and functions are not working…there are just too many things to list here.
I am very disappointed, I used the test version some month ago, I think before with 2018, that worked great, but now its useless and I wasted my time and money.
I contacted your support twice and asked for reimbursement (just few days after I purchased it) and also listed the problems in detail. But until today (3 weeks past) I haven’t received any reply.
Maybe you are using it, and it may never die, but if you can’t handle the problems, you shouldn’t sell it. Like this its a scam.

It may be best if you go to the SKALP WEBSITE with your concerns.

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@RLGL apparently he did.

@peterparker have you checked you e-mail spam filters?

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It wouldn’t be in spam if you would have replied on my messages. I just checked again, nope, nothing in spam either.


I’m sorry to hear we didn’t respond to your question. But I can’t find any mail with your name.

I sounds like a conflict with an other plugin. Can you test if you have the same problem when you disable all other plugins.

Maybe you should look at what else in changed on your computer because it was working ok with 2018.

Kind regards,


Help please
I buy Skalp . but can not active in SKU 2019

When did you bought it? Each SketchUp version needs its own Skalp version

Skalp version 4.
I buy the Skalp on yesterday and error
PC use windows 10 and Sketchup pro 2019.3
For you information

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Matt’s method for isolating the section cut should make a big difference for Skalp users so you can vector render the beautiful section graphics Skalp creates!


How to activate Skalp,I buy 2 days ago , another plugin very easy
Some body can help me

In SketchUp 2020, you can turn off tags in LayOut. This way you can turn off all tags except the ‘Untagged’ and Skalp tags which results in showing only the section. And you can make a copy of the same view with the tags all turned on and set this view to vector.