Migrating extensions to SU2019

I always update my extensions. And yes, compared to downloading .rbs and basically doing a manual installation into SU, it’s much easier. But not painless.
While I’ve not been using it from the @Last Software days, I have been playing since SU7. I didn’t go full in until SU8.

And thank god that wasn’t me that did scattered my files! LOL

It’s good that you update your extensions. Would that everyone did. If you’re using the Extension Manager and the Sketchucation Extension Store tools to install extensions, they will do the majority of the work and make sure you have the latest extensions.

As for migrating other stuff, I have all of my local components, materials, and styles collections in the User/App Data/Roaming… folders and when it comes time to update to the next version, I simply copy the folder and paste it in the corresponding location for the new version. Example–my SU2018 Materials A folder.

I copy Materials A from SU2018 to SU2019. Done.

The main thing I wish they’d do is come up with a tool for replicating toolbars. Until that happens, I just make a screenshot of the previous version showing the toolbars and import that into the new version of SketchUp as an image so I can use it as a guide for custom toolbars and toolbar placement. It works well enough and saves going back and forth between versions.

If it had been you, I’d never let you forget it. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Thanks for the screen shot of that Dave. I’ll have to inspect that tomorrow. At the moment my pot roast is done and it’s time fro dinner.

Mmmm pot roast. With carrots and onions and potatoes? Oh boy!

Enjoy it.

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Plus celery and bay leaves. My wife’s recipe, but she must have added some magic to it because it just doesn’t taste the same.

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If you want to migrate Skalp… DON’T copy it from your previous SketchUp version. Please download the new Skalp version from our website and do a clean install.

For more info on the new Skalp version…

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In SketchUp 2019 we updated the Ruby version shipped with the produce. While most extensions will continue to work as-is, some will require an updated version to work with SU2019. So it’s best to make sure you have your extensions fully up to date.

Also, as Guy notes, other extensions needs to be installed cleanly. This relate particularly to render engines that require an installer to install all required dependencies

I would recommend installing fresh to get a clean slate.

This is a good head-start.


I got am email from whaat (Mind Site Studios) today with links describing how to migrate his plug-ins.

A tip of the hat to you sir for being pro-active!

And to Guy also! Thank you.

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yeah, +1!

I try to keep my extensions up to date. However, I have often noticed that after you click on the startup message that x number of extensions have updates, it appears to go through the process but then tells you it has not succeeded. Then the message keeps coming up at startup as if you had ignored it forst time.

Or maybe it’s just me!

Yea, we’ve seen some issues like that. Seems to relate to login state getting out of sync. Have you tried logging out (not from within Extension Manager, but from SU itself) then logging in and trying to update?

If that fails - can you try if updating via the Extension Store works?

Not sure what you mean by logging out in this context. Do you just mean closing and re-opening? If so, I think it is when I start a new SU session that it happens. However, thanks for the tip and I will try doing it differently next time.

In the status bar of the SketchUp main window, there is an “avatar” icon that displays your login status (whether you are logged in by default in subwindows like 3DWH/EWH). Right-click it for logging out.

Got it.

Did that make a difference?

In the classic version (:thinking: ) You could have been logged in under different accounts (3DWH, Extension WareHouse, even the Credits log-in).
Now, with 2019 you are bound to one: The one were your Subscription or Classic license is tied to.(TrimbleID)

You might have bought or downloaded several extensions under different (Google) Accounts and they might be not the same as the Trimble ID, you would need to merge them.:


I don’t think I have had it happen in SU 2019 yet so I can’t say for sure.

I see the process getting easier every year. Extension manager, Sketchucation Bundle… all good ideas… but it’s still eat up a full day of work when you have a large amount of extensions. The biggest one is always the one with licences. Artisan, Skalp, Instant Fence, etc… they always asked for more attention. Also, the workspace and the tray could be saved and reload. In SU and LO. That would save a bit of time as well. Right now, I have to take snapshot of all my screens and replicate the layout on the new version… once I’ve install all my extension. This should be a one button process.

I just wish a day when it would only take a hour to do instead of a day. I’m sure we’ll get there.

(I don’t want to mention it too loud but AutoCad introduce a migration manager at some point (2014 I think) and migrating version become almost an instant thing. During the installation process, the installer auto-detect and ask you if you want to migrate your interface and parameters from previous version and bang! that’s done. Just like getting a new iphone and install it from your icloud backup)


If you have that many…sketchUp itself should be an extension!
Then, you would only had to update one… :slight_smile:

#outofthebox #intothewild

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I just set up SketchUp on a new computer the other day. 13 minutes start to finish including installing fresh copies of extensions, placing toolbars, creating two custom toolbars, adding custom materials, styles, scrapbooks and my templates for both SU and LO. In hindsight, I should have taken a few minutes to cull some extensions I don’t use but I can do that any time.