Sign in Change for Google Users

Hello Educators!

For those of you who use our sign-in with Google option when accessing SketchUp for Schools, you may have noticed that the sign-in and authorization windows got a bit of a facelift. This was an update recently initiated by Google, and while it should not change your access or app permissions, it does necessitate that popups be enabled in your browser.

Depending on your preferred browser, the manner in which you do this may look a little bit different, and below is a sample flow for Google Chrome users.

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu in your browser and select Privacy and Security.

  1. Choose Pop-ups and redirects.

  1. Choose to either (a) enable all pop-ups and redirects, or (b) add SketchUp to your list of allowed URLs.




As a reminder, if this is your first time accessing SketchUp for Schools and you are not yet sure whether it has been deployed for your domain, please refer to this deployment video guide for instructions on how to get access at your school.

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Can you help me with a sign in error

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We use SketchUp for Schools on Chromebooks, I am not able to get students in to use SketchUp even after allowing pop ups. Any other suggestions?

We are in the same boat. Sketchup is installed for all users in our Google edu domain. I’ve allowed pop-ups, redirects, and cookies. We are still getting the infinite sign-in loop when we try to login. The domain is

Please see this post Signin Error - #36 by pvigil

Please see this post
Signin Error - #36 by pvigil

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good moring we need to call what time is 65432789 me beed use on the chrome

March 11th and still got the problem. I did anything in my hand to solve it, but keep stoping me to sign in. Please sketchup team, do something. Many people is loosing their time.

thank you

I had to allow SketchUp not SketchUp

After this change the infinite loop went away.

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Has anyone worked out the fix for this log in loop?
As I’m trying to get this to work for my TAS Department.

Have try those setting changes but didn’t resolve the issue.


Hi @s.dimmock, thanks for the post. I am happy to work with you on getting you up and running with SketchUp for Schools.

Before we get started on troubleshooting, can you confirm if you are using Google or Microsoft as your platform? Knowing this is critical for troubleshooting on my end. I’ll also need your domain and a link to your website or district website so I can test our firewall and make sure you are not being accidentally blocked.

Hi Casey,
Thank you for your email reply.
We are using both Google and Microsoft . Google for mail, drive and 2FA. Microsoft to Microsoft software and MFA into the website.

Devices are Mac computers.

The school domain is:
The school website:

We can log into the site with Microsoft but you get stuck into a log-in loop when you try to sign in with Google.
I’m also a Google Admin and have allied the app for the domain.

Kind regards,

Scott Dimmock.

Thanks for the reply @s.dimmock. I’ll go ahead and link you a video that covers the deployment process just so you can run through everything one more time to make sure you did not miss anything although the symptoms you are describing have more in common with a pop up blocker keeping the log in from resolving correctly. I’ll also go ahead and add your domain to our database to make sure you are not getting blocked by out firewall just in case that is keeping you out.

Go ahead and give it a re-deploy and let me know if that resolved it and if not we can continue troubleshooting.

Hi Casey,

Thank you for your email reply.

I have double-checked this morning and it’s working again with the school Google account.
I have made no chance to Santa set up for this app.

Kind regards,
Scott Dimmock.

Glad to hear you are up and running again s.dimmock! If you need any additional assistance please feel free to post a new thread and I’ll do my best to get you what you need to get up and running again. In case anyone in the future sees this thread, please use the @ command to make sure the thread pops up for me as important.