Waste of Time-Login error when logging in from home onto school account

I think I am somehow blocked from using SketchUp through my fcpsschools.net account at home. I went in to SketchUp as usual through the app drawer in my school Gdrive screen. Microsoft presented me with a screen telling me I needed to do 2 factor which I accepted. However, it wanted me to open my YouTube account on my phone instead of the Authenticator which I use with passcodes reqd. So I selected log in another way. When that did not present me with Authenticator I closed out of the window. At some point I saw a screen showing Trimble as SketchUp for schools which it is not. So I closed out of the window and signed out of google. I signed back in. Everything else works fine. I have mail etc. But SketchUp for Schools is not working. Please see attached. I just checked with my school tech specialist and he checked out my Gooogle and confirmed everything is fine. I went into security. It indicated that there was a security issue ie suspicious log in. I acknowledged it was me and it said thanks. I then logged out of and back into google. Sketchup still says I am having an error. You know all the usual suspects are usually garbage. I have internet. My domain has sketchUp for schools through my school district. I just can’t log in from home anymore. I even have no other google sessions logged in and it still wont work.

Please review this post Sign in Change for Google Users
Let us know if you still have issues.