Show us the way you have SketchUp set up on your computer right now


This Post/Request has been up for for a few years now—and frankly I’m pretty curious about what effect it has had in terms of SU’s development.

What were you originally looking for?

What insights were gained?

Did the results match up with what your expectations were?

Did anything interesting happen as a result?

Am I asking too many questions? :slight_smile:

YES, I’ve read the contents of @jbacus original message,… I know that much. I’m just curious as to how this inquiry might have influenced the internals, and the SU_Devs understanding of User behaviors and patterns.


I’m a huge fan of using keyboards shortcuts for all of my primary tools, so once I had those set, I found it possible to clear out most of my toolbars and position things for my optimal workflow. This is how it starts up for me, and it works great.


This thread predated the release (later in the autumn of 2015) of SketchUp 2016 which debuted a Windows edition using the ol’ Microsoft tray / inspector panel system. The system has a convention (promoted by MIcrosoft) of creating a “Default Tray” populated with all of the possible dialog panels. (It is however expected that users will create their own trays having the selection of panels they desire, arranged however they like.)

So at the time (June 2015) the team would have been working on the 2016 version for half the year (or abouts.) Looking back, it is a no brainer that they needed to decide how to order the panels in the “Default Tray” and decide where to dock that tray for the “as installed” setup.

Realize that at this point (June) they’ve got about 4 or 5 months until release, to finalize the code base, do all the testing phases, and final fixes to any bugs introduced by new functionality, and build up 2 platform editions into like 12 languages (24 installer packages.)

Since then, we’ve also seen the beta and release of the 3 SketchUp for Web editions. I don’t know if they started playing with it that early or not. But it should also be obvious that this “study” helped in the design decisions of the browser based interface.

There is no limit if they are all “on subject”.

A question you did not ask… "from the user’s perspective, what effect did it have ?"

You can see my “before” screen shot above.
And partial screen captures of the right-side docked inspector trays in this other topic post about trays.

I went from having things wrapped from the top left down around the bottom, to having the trays docked on the right. (I came from AutoCAD and always liked the slide out property panel on the right in AC.)

I also have the Outliner and the Help Instructor autohidden into the left side margin, so they’ll slide out into view when I hover over their tabs.

Now my Ruby Console is the only thing floating (and since then SU2015,) I’ve used 2 displays so the console is often on the other display.

That’s subjective and John’ll need answer this.


Screen 1 (Maximizing work space)

Screen 2 (All my needed pallets)


In case you are wondering about my screen background


This is a concept design workspace.

Extensions change fairly regularly.

I have a dual monitor setup but haven’t been using the second monitor with SU - I leave it for other multitasking activities. My main monitor is 24". I would likely try to upgrade to a 30"+ for max efficiency on one screen.


Hi There, current project a resort clubhouse in Vietnam

DELL 29" 2560x1600 external screen , try to keep it simple and actually preferred SU’s original floating trays… but nevertheless organised these so I keep Layers one side and materials the other side.

Otherwise lots of keyboard shortcuts and basic toolbars…

PS, I run this on a 15" GIGABYTE notebook [GTX1070] with 1920x1080 screen [I travel and do a lot of client presentations] and use TWINMOTION for realtime flythrus . In the office I do not use the notebook screen but attach a second external monitor [TV] Samsung 4K UA 6200 [$500 here, A1 screen size] for secondary software and full size drawing display.


I am using two 4k screens. On the second monitor I often open the same project (sadly it isn’t possible in sketchup to open multiple windows within one project, so I make a copy of a project, and open the older version just for reference), or take a look at a pdf-template, or some reference pictures in the web.


Fairly new user, fell into SU by accident in 2017, also wondered if it was capable of producing decent consent/permit and construction drawings, 2D detailing, for later on when I get sick of paying Autodesk a ridiculuous, highway robber price for using Revit…
At early learning stage, maybe a little further on learning Layout, playing with line weights / line types, filled regions, scaling, Scrapbook/ library blocks / titleblocks etc., so current desktop layout for SU, is more about exploring and learning as time permits , than production. Very much a slow W.I.P but a fun one.
That said, am pleasantly surprised about the fun of using SU


I love this thread. It’s so cool to see what so many people are working on!!


Curious: how do you produce dashed lines?


Don’t think SU can make dashed lines, but this might be the groundplan brought back in from layout where dashed lines can be made? Maybe there’s a plugin, or you could draw a series of dashes and same as a component or a DC?

another tedious way


you can do dashed lines either with:

  • TIG’s 2D tools
  • Profile Builder 2 / 3 (with a bit of ingenuity)


This is something I started doing with Profile Builder 2. I tried some of the other 2d tools but I kind of like using these. I created Dashed, Hidden, Center, Phantom and Batt insulation. I place them on a 2D drafting layer and just turn it off when I’m viewing the model. I don’e mind using LO but I like to be able coordinate some of the line work in the plans right in SU.

If you have Profile Builder it’s not to hard to figure out how I did it. But I’m happy to share the assembly .skp files. I preset Profile Builder so it draws them just below the section plane of the plan section.

I feel like I’m guilty of getting off topic.




Mind Sight just posted on Facebook that they’d like to see what people are creating with their plugin, so go ahead and start a thread, maybe under SketchUp or Tutorials to explain how you do this.

I have PB2 and just upgraded to 3 but haven’t done anything with then new version yet.


I’ll do that.