Show us the way you have SketchUp set up on your computer right now


that’s london tube!!


Nicely spotted :wink: unfortunately i couldn’t do the middle double doors because I suck at SketchUp.


oh please don’t be.
im sure you can figure out how to do it.
it will help you get better at it as you try to figure out :smiley:



Hi Clayton,

May I know where you get so many tools that can be used for landscape design works?



On a tangent, this topic, which I just discovered earlier today, inspired me to start a new topic in the Developers–>Ruby API section:
Buttons with sub Buttons?


I don’t use all the tools but quite a few. I also changed the default colors to red/blue so it’s easier to see reversed faces. I use SketchUp for 3D printing.


I make machines.


I love the new sidebar in SU 2016!


that staircase :open_mouth: I love it!


just installed the content dev tools


this is the home setup, on 2 screens, normally the materials, entity info, layers and resource moniter are on 2nd monitor, also V-ray preview window,


I’ll often have two windows open at a time, to make copy and paste between windows easier.


I haven’t used SketchUp in a very long time. I just reloaded it yesterday and I am attempting to learn more and also LayOut. I created this small structure to play with in LayOut. I have the free version of LayOut for 30 days.


Here are all of the extensions that I use in my workflow. There is a lot. How does one remember all of them. haha. I know there are plenty more that I could use to speed things up but oh well. I get by.


I’ve been a dual monitor user on Mac systems for decades. Left side is 15" MacBook Pro’s display and right side is an external 20" monitor. On the road with the MacBook, there’s only one display and a different setup. Saving and swapping preference files is a pain, but important to me and probably the subject for another topic.


I use SketchUp since version 6.0, at the moment my setup is quite minimalistic…




Recently I rearranged my toolbar by adding my favorite extension tools, threw in the large toolset, and put all the available tabs on the side of my screen. I feel like it’s helped my workflow because I don’t have to go into menus for extensions as much. Also, it reminds me what extensions I have.