Trays in SketchUp

The correct term is subjectively, because objective is not a personal opinion.

For your info, this is the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) tray system. Not something Trimble designed. It acts the way that Microsoft designed it to act. It is up to you, the user, to position and size the panels, so that unneeded scroll bars are hidden.

The “Default Tray”, was never intended to be the way a user would use it. It is simply a temporary tray with ALL of the panels in it. Microsoft always recommend that applications install this way, rather than having no tray, and no panels visible at first run of the application.

This is like the 3rd or 4th time I’ve had to defend the Microsoft tray system, from posters who do not seem to understand their power and versatility, nor realize just how many years they’ve been around. Visual Studio has had them as long as I can remember, near 30 years. As well as many major applications, ie, Visio, Excel, Access, etc.

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You can modify the tray to meet your needs. You can create multiple trays. You can have some or all trays docked, some or all trays floating, some floating trays on other display monitors, and some docked trays that Autohide and slide out of sight into the window margins.

SketchUp User Guide

I have two trays auto-hidden into the left margin, and 4 custom tray tabs in the right-side dock.

See this image of my trays (but at that time, I had the “TREE” and “HELP” trays hidden on the right. I afterward moved them to the left side margin, so that the Outliner tree tray would not slide out and hide the Entity Info panel, in my “PROPERTIES” tray.)