Show Hide Geometry in Scenes for Animation

  1. Make a scene with 2 boxes.
  2. Hide one of the boxes and create a new scene.
  3. Flip between the two scenes and one of the boxes disappears and reappears, as you would expect.

No need for layers and so far all very intuitive.

Try it with a more complex model and the behaviour breaks.

Layers are not ideal for this Show/Hide function in Animations as any complex model relies on them for other types of organisation.

Recording “Hidden Geometry” in the Scenes dialogue is clearly the most intuitive and simple method for this and work fine with a new simple model.
The recording of Hidden Geometry state checkbox in teh Scenes dialogue is misleading and frustrating.

Does anyone have a fix/technique/workaround for this that does not require wholesale reorganisation of the model in to a complex and inconvenient Layer stack?

I know of two relevant old threads here

and here

but still no solution.

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