Hiding geometry within a component from scene to scene without using layers?

I have a similar problem. I’m working with a complicated model, and I need to show multiple views (scenes) with a different set of details (items) in each scene. I create an item in one scene, then I have to go to every other scene, hide that item, and re-save the scene. With N scenes and M items, that could be as many as M x N hides and re-saves. Luckily many of the items don’t appear in all the scenes, due to the camera position.

Creating a layer for the items specific to each scene seems like an awkward workaround. Layers make sense when there is a purpose like “plumbing” or “electrical”, where there is clean separation of function, but not so sensible for just “scene 2 details”, etc. where some of the details might actually be needed in multiple scenes.

There must be a better way to do this, some way we can select the scenes that an item is to appear in.

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