Updating of component visibility in one scene changes other scenes as well

Have a simple problem I can’t resolve.

Am creating a number of scenes in a woodworking model. In one scene view "front view I show model with doors and drawer fronts in place. In a second scene “Front WO Doors” hides them. I update by hiding components. When I hide the doors in the second scene and update with all options checked, with changes appear in the first scene as well. BTW no changes to styles or sections incorporated.

Haven’t seen this specific result addressed.

A copy of the model is attached

You should be using Layers not Hide. Set the layer visibility state per scene.

@DaveR is right that layers are better for controlling visibility than hide. SketchUp provides only minimal management of hidden attributes, in particular with no notion of a sequence of operations. So, unhide only offers “selected”, “last”, and “all”. You have to set hidden geometry visible to even use the first version because you can’t otherwise select anything that is hidden! Once you invoke “last”, there is no previous “last” remembered, so you can’t continue to undo a sequence of hides that way. And “all” really means “all within the current edit context”; it won’t unhide things inside components or groups unless that component is currently open for edit.

Regarding your specific issue, it sounds like you don’t have the “Hidden Geometry” box checked on the “Properties to save” part of the Scenes window for each of the involved scenes. Unless this box is checked and then the scene is updated, it will get the hidden state from whatever scene you last edited.

BTW there was no model attached to your post.

It is OK to use Hide when the objects are not nested inside other objects.

Thanks for the input

I did have the “Hidden Geometry” checked.

Had not thought to use layers and control visibility the Scene in lieu of “Hidden”. Would love to find utilizing “Scenes” well documented.

Have reattached the unchanged models.

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Sorry the file didn’t upload, attached is a dropbox link.

Got the model. To me it looks ok, but I don’t know for sure what you were doing. Specifically what are you trying to hide when you get the issue?

Edit: Ok I think I see your issue. The items you are hiding are nested inside the Assembly Table component. When you open it for edit and hide them, you are modifying the hidden states of those nested objects inside that component. You can’t override that via scenes.

This is a perfect example of a case where layers would work better.

Edit #2: you also are not using SketchUp layers correctly. You have 9691 edges and faces associated with layers other than Layer0. This misuse is almost certain to lead to very confusing issues with visibility. Always create all edges and faces with Layer0 active and leave them there. Create Components and associate just them with layers. Beware that if you explode a Component, SketchUp will reassociate the contents to the layer used by the Component, which is one way you can accidentally get edges and faces associated with other layers.

The hidden geometry feature for scenes is in my view broken. It only saves the hidden state for top level entities, not nested entities, which makes it more or less useless. Also this inconsistency makes it very unpredictable and hard to understand.

If it was up to me this function would either be removed or fixed to also remember visibility states inside of component/group definitions.


Permanent Hide is important for many uses in components. For instance, you don’t want the hidden edges in photo-based FaceMe components to pop into view. It is trivial to switch to using Layers when the functionality to control nested elements with Scenes is needed. Layers in SketchUp are, sort of, visibility states (like in most CAD apps, too)

Sorry, I was referring to removing visibility states being saved on a per scene basis. I use it all the time for permanently hiding entities! I don’t want that feature gone!

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