Objects Hidden In Scene Will Return Upon Refresh



Is it normal for items that are made to hide in a Scene to re-appear once the Scene is reloaded? If normal, is there a way to get them to remain hidden?

I am using Pro version 8 on Windows 7 Enterprise on a PC at the moment.

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Sounds like you need to Update the scene after you have edited it.
An example file would help us to solve your problem.


Thanks for the reply.

From your response I gather that the intent of Scenes is not to go back and do any editing then?

The way that I use Scenes, in addition to preparing to print, is to have a quick way of getting around the model project. Is this an incorrect approach?

I have attached a simple file that demonstrates this. I have the person and a block in scene 1 and another view of them in scene 2. When I hide the person while in scene 1 and go to scene 2, upon returning to scene 1 the person is not hidden anymore.

Thanks again.

Scene Example.skp (56.5 KB)


You should be using layers to control the visibility of entities in various scenes. Hide should be used for temporarily getting stuff out of the way.

When you create a scene, a number of attributes are saved. Things like style settings, shadows, layer states and whether or not entities are hidden are saved. If you make changes to those settings after creating a scene and don’t update the scene, those changes aren’t recorded in the scenes attributes and the scene will display the attributes that were saved earlier.


Thanks a lot. It seems I need to change my practice.

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Happy New Year to you, as well.

Before you get busy creating layers, spend some time with the help files. Start with this one.


Hi Khosrownia, hi folks.

Once you have hidden objects or made layers invisible. right click on the required scene tab to open a contextual menu and choose Update in this menu.

Just ideas.



Thank you for taking the time and for helping.

The conceptual menu that drops down for me doesn’t have an Update option.

My problem was that hidden objects would not remain hidden in the Scene view and I have been informed that this is normal behavior. I need to change my practice of the use of the software.



That’s contextual, not conceptual. That means the menu contains selections relevant to whatever object or screen element you right-click to get the menu. Right-click the scene tab for the scene in question to get an Update option for that scene. If you right-click something else, you won’t get that menu pick, because it’s context sensitive.

I think perhaps you’re still missing the point. When you click a scene tab, it displays whatever visibility regime was in effect the last time the scene was updated. Any visibility changes (like making something hidden) made after that last Update will be lost. So, you hide the object, then update the scene to incorporate that (hidden) visibility state into the scene definition.

Failing to update the scene to capture the change in visibility is just like making a change to a word processing document then exiting the program without saving. The next time you open the document, it will not include the change.



Okay, I got it, and I tried it, and it works.