Hide/unhide su2020

I am coming from SU2017 where hide/unhide geometry or components was a model based thing and not a scene based thing?

I am finding in 2020 that if I hide a component in one scene and switch to another, the geometry is not hidden in that scene. And returning back to the original scene, the object I hid is no longer hid.
It seems I had to “update scene” to make the hide command stick.

This never used to be the case. As I said, the “Hide Geometry” was a model based command and not a scene based command. and certainly never attached to the update scene command either.
Is there a toggle or setting for this?

With hundreds of scenes already made, hiding the same object in each scene and then updating that scene seems pretty frustrating.

Any help?

Not updating the scenes after making changes has always resulted in the scene-specific changes not being remembered.

Select the scenes you want to update in the Scenes panel. Click the Update button. Then deselect all but Hidden Geometry & Objects in the Properties to save panel and finish updating.
Screenshot - 2_12_2020 , 12_29_37 PM

Screenshot - 2_12_2020 , 12_29_53 PM

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This never used to be required in SU2017.

And sure, it works when you update the one scene, but it doesnt “hide” the geometry for the other 99 scenes.

In SU2017 Hide was not tied to scenes, but was a model based function.

It does if you also select the other 99 scenes before you update.


That does work, your right. thank you.

But I don’t love the extra step, this is a major issue, as I use the hide/unhide command constantly.

Is this a new thing to one of the versions 2018,2019,2020?

It was a new thing added in SU2020 because users requested it.

It used to be scene based but only in the top level drawing context. It has now been changed to be more consistent and works the same also in other drawing contexts.

To control the visibility for any specific entity in multiple scenes you can use Eneroth Scene Visibility https://extensions.sketchup.com/extension/960b887a-59c1-41e5-a795-24c3d0d19065/eneroth-scene-visibility.

I was just looking at that very extension. Thanks Julia.

Julia, Is there a way you could add a checkbox that allows you to select all scenes or deselect all scenes?

FWIW, if you are just using the native method of doing this, you can select all of the scenes by clicking on the top one and then holding Shift while clicking on the last one.

I meant in her extension - Eneroth Scene Visibility. Yes, you can do this within the native scenes menu.

I know you did but since what you asked to be able to do can be done without any extensions, I figured I’d add it in case someone else is looking for a native way to do it.

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I’ll make a note of looking into a way to quicker select multiple scenes.

Thanks much! I will look forward to it.