Scenes not working right

Alright so I set up a scene and it looks fine. Then I created a new scene it also looked fine but when I go back to my first scene some objects/parts are shown/hidden. I’m new to sketchup and don’t know if this is a saving bug or if I have something toggled some where.

Could be a number of things:

  • did you check the proper check boxes in your Scenes Panel? Visible layers & Hidden Geometry?
  • nested groups can cause problems as well. Do you have nested groups ? See the Outliner panel.

Maybe you can you share the Sketchup file? That could speed up finding the cause / problem quite a bit.

It is important for us to understand what you are trying to achieve in the creation for your scenes. Were you trying to hide or reveal specific objects when going from one scene to another?

We will need to understand the actual steps you take to create the scenes.

If you can upload your skp model so we can have a look, that would be very helpful as well.


What do you have selected as Properties to save when new scenes are created?


Yeah and yeah.

Sure: Dropbox - Pocket Helmet - Simplify your life


I’m trying to make wood working plans so I was hiding and revealing dimensions/groups/objects depending on the angle of the “camera” then just creating a new scene.

I uploaded my model to dropbox: Dropbox - Pocket Helmet - Simplify your life


I have all of them selected.

I really appreciate the help!

You should be using layers to control the visibility of the various entities. Hiding and unhiding is intended for temporary use not as a way to manage what is visible in each scene.

I see your mess of dimensions. Looks like a lot of redundant ones, too. Make separate layers for the dimension so you can show the ones you need to show for each view.

I’ve been going over your model some more. Do you really want the dimensions to be just approximate or do you want them to be more precise?

Take a look at this version of your file. I fixed some approximate dimensions, converted the parts to components, and added some layers so you can see how that works.
Pocket Helmet Case.skp (72.7 KB)