Layers and scenes

I have a problem with my current model. When I hide layers in a specific scene, then go to a scene where that is not hidden, then go back to the first layer, it is not hidden. I have updated, saved etc. I can achieve this in other models no problem. Is my file corrupted? Too large? I have tried saving as a new file also.
Thanks for any advice,

Could you share the SketchUp file? Very likely it is a problem with the way you are using layers but we’ll be able to tell you decisively if we can see the SKP file.

Thanks for the quick response. My first time on this forum and so I am impressed with the turn around. I actually just discovered how to fix it. I needed to check the “Visible Layers” box in the update menu in Scenes. Problem seems to be solved.
The model is a halibut hatchery. I am using the 3Skeng plugin for plumbing which is pretty good so far.

Good you got it sorted. Probably the best thing to do is leave all the check boxes checked and only uncheck them when it is appropriate. In my work I almost never need to untick any of the boxes for scene attributes to save.