Shadows not working


Hi. Some opjects are not casting shadows - will Sketchup not cast shadows on objects colored with a texture (not a placed image)? Thanks

Shadows not working in model

Select the objects and make sure the boxes are checked for cast and receive shadows in the entity info window.


You can deactivate it (entity info window -> cast shadow checkbox) and it depends on the transparency of the used color. But it’s hard to find the reason without an image or the model…


@Cotty beat me to it…
But since I already typed it…

The Shadow settings affect how shadows are shown - e.g. on faces, on ground,
Things which have their ‘cast-shadows’ behavior unchecked [Entity Info] do not cast shadows.
Faces assigned materials which have an opacity below 70% cast no shadows.
Materials using PNG files etc as textures also cast no shadows unless >70% opacity.
Note that some textured materials on faces - like PNG-based ones - do not ‘receive’ shadows - even if they are set to ‘receive-shadows’…


Best Practice = keep Entity Info open as you model.
Entity Info Dialog — SketchUp Help


Thanks all. Everything’s good now.