Cast shadows doesn't seem to work

I have a scene with a bunch of low-poly models with default materials, cast and receive shadow turned on for all. Problem is that I still don’t see a shadow on all of them. What might be the problem?

First and third models from left doesn’t cast shadows. I double checked, Cast and Receive shadows is ON for both.

On of the faulty models:

I tried this both on SketchUp 2017 desktop and on the Web based app too.

Could you upload the skp file that shows the problem? Then we can take a close look at details of what may be the problem.

check cast shadows for each of the sub components as well…


Was going to suggest same thing. Nested groups or components may be set to ‘not’ cast shadows.

I found the problem, but still can’t explain: all my models are on a layer called “Model”. I have an other layer called “Layer0”. If Layer0 is hidden, although there is not a single line on it, the shadows disappear form some models on layer Model.

When I turn Layer0’s visibility back on, I can see the shadows on all models.

Visibility ON:

Visibility OFF, shadows gone:

Only Layer0 selected, then Cmd+A - no selection = there is nothing on Layer0 (hidden geometry is also on)

I can’t seem to be able to shrink the file size below 5MB, and this forum doesn’t allow me to upload. I already deleted all but 2 models, the file size still didn’t change. Any hints? Sry, I’m relatively new to SketchUp :slight_smile:

Ok found a way around: turrets-up.skp - Google Drive
This is the skp file with one working and one faulty model. Play with layer visibility to see the issue for yourself.

All edges and faces should be created and remain on Layer 0. And Layer 0 should always remain the active layer. You show the active layer is “Model.”