Custom materials (colors) not casting shadows


I created a model from imported dwg. drawing. I assigned custom materials (color only, made by changing RGB values) to some of the objects that are joined in components and a group. When turning on shadows (using sun for shading) only object that still have the default white material/colour applied to them cast shadows and the changed ones do not. I noticed that if I change opacity value of custom colors from 100 to 99 the shadows suddenly appear? I want the opacity set to 100 however. How do I fix this? See images below.

I’m using Sketchup Pro 2014.

EDIT: I noticed I made a mistake when stating that I got colors with changing RGB values. I did that first but then changed the colors again with Match color on screen tool from a pdf made in Illustrator.


One thing, possibly unrelated: How far is your model from the model origin? It looks quite big - how big is it? Shadows are one of the things affected by large model extents. SketchUp is “happiest” if your model stays within a mile or two from the model origin.



Can you share a sample model?
I wonder if it could be related to this bug:


I do not know how to check alpha values, but this might realy be related as I too picked the colors with Match color on screen (from pdf). I made a mistake in the original post, when I said that I got colors by changing RGB (I did this before matching and got it mixed up apperently when writing the post, sorry for that :(.
I also tried changing one of HSL values and the shadows appeared right away. Thanks for posting this, it would however be nice to solve the problem at it’s core (I guess that would be in the color picking part?) as manualy changing each color can be realy time consuming. Any ideas?

I also uploaded the model, but English is not my native language so I hope you don’t get confused with some strange component and color names :smiley:model.skp (807.1 KB)


Thanks - will have a look.