Setting panel depths

Hi, Im pretty new to sketchup, so I bet this is simple, but I cant find anything on it online. I just want to specify the thickness of a panel after I draw it will the rectangle tool. for instance, if I have a 4"x8" panel that I draw with the rectangle tool, how do I make it appear as a 3/4" wide “material” or “wall”?


Sketchup is a surface modeller, you draw edges and faces, not ‘solids’ unlike a solid modeller.
So your rectangle is just that, a rectangular face with 0 thickness.
To give it thickness use the Pushpull tool to pull it to 3/4.

thanks, I tried that but it seems to just make the whole panel move, not stay in place but get thicker. Im sure I am just missing a step or something?

Attach your model so we can see what you are working with.

QL Connector.dxf (3.8 MB)

its an audio multi pin connector I am trying to model. wall thickness is really about 1/8"

That is a dxf file, how about giving us the .skp file.

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You don’t have to export to upload (if this is the issue). You can just drag and drop it from where you have it saved.

Make sure you are selecting the push-pull tool and not the move tool.