Measurements changing by 1/16" forward or backwards, on some components

I’m new to sketchup, I’m drawing simple basic cabinetry, i first layout the floor dimensions 4’ 7" wide x 2’ deep, my panel material thickness is 11/16" thick, x 2 = 1 3/8" so my floor panel between my walls should be should be 53 5/8" but my floor panel decreases to 53 9/16" and when i check the wall that were originally entered as 11/16" thick, they now changed to 3/4" thick. please help…

How about sharing your model so we can see exactly how you have created it? That will make it possible to give you a good answer to your question.

yes i will but how do i do that?

thanks anyway, ill try to figure it out.

Save the model and as long as it is less than 3mb use the 7th icon from the left at the top of the message window to upload it.

Box beat me to the reply. I was tied up with something else. Sorry.

Thank you gentlemen, but I figured that the sketchup 8 was corrupted since day one, I hated using this program, now I just down loaded their latest and it works great, thank for the responses

How was it corrupted?

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Hi Dave
Thanks for your concern
When I loaded this on my iMac a couple of years ago it would always close unexpectedly, so I stopped using it, but lately out of desperation I was forced to use this program , it was a constant saving of what ever I was working on because of the unexpected closing of the program, the zooming would be very slow and times just freeze, and then the changing of the measurements is 1/16" over or under, and the problem of calibrating a certain number and it not find it, for example , if I need 1/4" it would give me 3/16" or 5/16" and I would have to zoom in on order to find the 1/4"
Now I loaded the latest and it’s like an automatic car.

That’s very strange behavior you’re describing. I’d be interested in seeing your SketchUp model that shows it.