Selection Tool process is slow, unbearably slow



I had the same problem with slow selection .
Removed the this month’s Window’s updates.
Problem solved.
Automatic update switched off.


Microsoft auto downloaded and re-installed the KB4013427 update again today, and SketchUp is again not working properly. I’ve done some research which preliminarily makes me conclude that if I stop the auto downloads I will expose myself to security threats. But that leaves me high and dry with respect to SketchUp Make – I can’t use it. How can this community collectively ask SketchUp to report this issue to Microsoft ASAP?

How can I stop the auto downloads? I thought that Microsoft had developed a utility/add-on that enables users to stop the auto downloads. Anyone has information on such a utility?


You do not have to do auto updates to stay up to date just make sure you update . At that time they will show you two types , mandatory and recommended. You have the option to select which ones will be installed and you can watch for the issue kb and not install. When they install a restore point is also made so you can roll back to old configuration. I have not done auto updates for years.


I don’t know if Win 10 still has this option, but Win 7 still allows the user to control how updates are handled. I like to be notified and be able to select what to download:


I am at windows 7> Just go to start, control panel, and then select windows update and that will bring up screen showing the options, w10 I don’t know?


This thread saved my mental health. Unistalled the KB4013429 update and Sketchup is now back to normal. Good find, people!

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More Info:

Good News:

Emergency Update by Microsoft to fix issues caused by the earlier KB4013429 update:
which links to:

EDIT add:

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I still have the problem. There is an update from 3/15 KB4013418 I am unable to remove. I got rid of all the other recent updates.


WAY overkill.

In the post above I give (2) links to emergency updates that are supposed to fix the issues caused by earlier updates.

Or you can just wait and Microsoft will bundle them up in the next monthly update rollup.

But eventually Microsoft will fix what they’ve broken. But Windows Update cannot put specific immediate “fixes” in your queue, if your machine doesn’t have the problem updates that need patching. So, you’d need to rely upon the monthly cumulative or rollup updates.

Newest Sketchup: Select tool freezes for 7 seconds

Well the issue has returned for me. I just installed update KB4016635 to no avail. The issue randomly came back mid-use of sketchup itself and I have no records of updates being installed over the last few days. Odd.


Try the other one KB4015438, and let us know if that works.


I may have found a work around. After uninstalling KB4013429 I saw no improvement but opened another instance of SU2017 (another drawing) and it is working flawlessly. The first drawing I opened still is very slow to respond to the selection tool while all other tools work fine.
Soo I closed all drawings and opened a drawing ( I am not working on) and then opened the drawing I need to work on as the second instance and it is working perfectly.

Hope this helps some or all!


No, it’s not that easy in Windows 10. They do everything they can to push their updates on you, it seems like.[quote=“jemtz, post:38, topic:41147”]
Of course, I’m toggling off the auto update. But they can rename/renumber the patch,

Shortly after Windows 10 came out, I lost hours of work on two occasions because even though I had Auto-Updates off, some “mandatory” update came up and my computer began installing it without the slightest hint or prompt. What’s more, with the update they also re-toggled my Auto-Update back to on, without my realizing and it happened a second time. They may have fixed this by now, but I didn’t wait to see. I wrote Microsoft Support pretty upset, and they gave me some workaround where all updates are managed by a virtual organization, so that now when I go to the updates page in settings, there is red text at the top “Some settings are managed by your organization” and it never updates without a command from me.


I may be dreaming but I seem to remember when MS was pushing the free up updates depending on what sku version you were up dating from they had you accept some terms and I think that was automatic updates of some kind.
Maybe someone remembers?
How did you get to W10, I have w7 professional and so was not forced into update to W10.
Did you try the control panel approach I noted above? If you had a lessor SKU version you maybe stuck with what you have?
When I go to the control panel they will list recommended and optional updates and I have the option to select each in total or I can select just some of them. The description of the update purpose is not very informative but I read each and then decide which ones I want to install.
Additional info

Minor rant from a SketchUp user with 15+ years in wholesaling construction parts/supplies

I also had Windows 7 Pro, and was not forced to update, but chose to. Mostly happy, but the auto-updates was definitely an exception to my happiness, especially when I forgot to save my SU file for three hours during a rushed job.


I am having the same problem…I am uninstalling and trying to revert to 2016 to see if that will solve the problem until they figure out the issue…


@seans, dDid you read through this thread and deal with the errant Windows update that caused the problem?


yes I read through it…I can proficiently use SU but when it comes to windows software and “patches” “updates” etc. and where and how to fix, I am like a 5 year old…unless you can spell out how to fix on Windows 10, Im stuck trying to revert to 2016 although I read that that will be affected as well by this “windows update”


yes I read through it…I can proficiently use SU but when it comes to windows software and “patches” “updates” etc. and where and how to fix, I am like a 5 year old…unless you can spell out how to fix on Windows 10, Im stuck trying to revert to 2016 although I read that that will be affected as well by this “windows update”


Had the same problem—seleciton tool freezed up for about 4 seconds for every new action.

I wasn’t able to revert any updates applied by Windows Update, but as a last resort I downloaded the latest graphic card drivers from Lenovo and installed it. It turned out to be a previous version to the one already installed. It miraculously solved the issue completely.

So, instead of fiddling with Windows Update, try installing a previous (or just different?) version of your graphic card drivers.