Select tool is too slow

Hi everybody! I’m new in the community, i expect that someone could help me.
(by the way sorry for my english, i’m french)
So, since yesterday when i try to select whatever, a line, a group or double clic it take 5-10 sec and sometime more . And it’s impossible to triple clic. Everythigs freeze until the object highlight. All others action works well.
I have try to unselect " use fast feedback" and right after that, the first selection work well but only one time… the probleme reapear right away after??
Any advice about that??

Bonjoir! :blush:

Are you on Windows 10? If yes, refer to this link.

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Thanks a lot for the link, but i have already try it and it did not work…

There are many users experiencing this issue, and it often has to do with your graphics driver. Try reading through this post to see if any of these fixes might help you.

If it can help someone, i have instal the update of my driver manually and it work great again.

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