Selector Tool is too slow - Help Please!



I’m new to the forum. I have used SketchUp for years, but I now have a new laptop (purchased 2 days ago) and have loaded a trial of SU 2018 on my Windows 10 platform. The selector tool is painfully slow: 5-7 seconds per click. I have heard that there are sometimes issues with graphics cards. Mine has the Intel ® UHD Graphics 620. Because it is a laptop, I cannot readily change that. Does anyone have a solution or recommendation for resolving the slow selector tool issue?




Have the same problem, bought a brand new fast computer last week.
Every think works fine and fast but the select tool.
It takes 4-5 sec to respond.
Have been using sketchup more then 10 years on different computers without any problems

Problem solved, updated the Graphic driver (Intel UHD 630) and everything works.


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