Section Numbering

Is there a way to restart the section numbering at ‘1’? The only I know of is to copy the entire model and paste it into a new file. Thanks.

Currently No, it annoys me too and I have asked for it to be fixed but as yet…

You can hack the pref file…
Edit the entry under
"Preferences": {

"ShowSectionToolDlg": false,
to read
"ShowSectionToolDlg": true,

If there’s no entry add one in the Preferences ‘block’ !
To find where the file is use this in the Ruby Console:


The opened folder contains the .json pref file…
You can edit it with a plain text editor, like Notepad++ or TextWrangler…

This really should be fixed - many months ago several of us petitioned the developers - it just needs an extra toggle option in the user’s preferences dialog !

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