How to reactivate the Section Plane dialog box

Impossible for me to reactivate the “Section Plane dialog box” when I create a new section plane.
Just for my drawings “organisation” and naming, I can change section cut name and symbol on the info box but will be great if I can find a solution to make reappear the automatic section plane dialox box.
thanks for your help


Unfortunately you can’t easily.

You can by doing something quite tricky :
go to C:/users/“yourusername”/Appdata/Roaming/sketchup/Sketchup 2018/sketchup (assuming you have 2018 version like your profile says), make a backup copy of sharedpreferences.json (we never know) rename it into sharedpreferences.txt, edit it with notepad and change
“ShowSectionToolDlg”: false
“ShowSectionToolDlg”: true

save and rename back to sharedpreferences.json
It’ll be back once you open sketchup again.

I found out it also works changing “first_run”: false into “first_run”: true

If you don’t want to launch yourself into this, you could also uninstall & reinstall sketchup…

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Hi Paul,

thank you for your quick answer I test and it works great :slight_smile: