Section Plane Tool Issue

I have a problem with the Section Plane tool that I’ve only just noticed is happening so I have no recollection when it might have started. But I’m certain it’s only been recently.

I have disabled my plugins and uninstalled plugins that seemed to be turning themselves back on after restarting SketchUp.

And I have done a repair installation as administrator.

When I create a section plane I cannot click on it to select or move it, I cannot activate another tool, I cannot click on a toolbar or the menu bar.

The only thing that solves the issue is clicking the Esc key.

Any ideas…

The naming dialog is opening off screen.
While the focus is on it, meaning when it seems to be locked up,
Hit alt and space together then m then any arrow and finally without clicking any buttons on the mouse move it around until the dialog comes into view.


Are you seeing this window pop up?

Box is telling you how to get it to show up if you aren’t. :smiley:



I’ve been having a problem with the make component dialog box being off screen and needing to move it but it didn’t occur to me that the section tool dialog box has also been off screen.

Go to preferences and hit the Reset Workspace button and anything off screen should come back.


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