SketchUp 2018 Section Plane not working



When I click on the Section Plane button the command locks up the program until I hit the “Esc” key. I can toggle the other Section Display buttons without any issue and if I open a drawing with existing sections I can also activate the various Display modes for the cut and section planes. the Section Plane button however will not work even in a drawing with existing section planes so basically I can’t create new sections planes at all. I did try repairing the SketchUp install to no effect. Is there any script or other solution that anyone could recommend?



Is it possible the window that pops up when you choose to create a section plane isn’t displaying on screen? Until you would at least hit Enter to acknoledge that pop up window, you wouldn’t be able to proceed with placing the section cut.


Try going to Window>Preferences>Workspace and clicking Reset Workspace. Then try again. Does that window pop up where you can see it?

Do you sometimes use your computer with multiple displays? Maybe that window is popping up on the other display.


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