I've been getting this warning for a while

I’ve not fixed it, I’m sure I can, but why all of a sudden am I getting this when I open either v. 18 or v. 19?
I’m just curious.


And why is this happening now?

Have you looked at the paths in Preferences>Files? Have you checked to see that those paths actually lead somewhere?

I have and they are all highlighted in red. But they used to be fine. My real question is why did this change?
They are still valid file locations.

Good question. What happens if you edit them (the ones that can be edited) to the same paths?

Actually I haven’t bothered to try, other than the message I got, they all still seem to be working. That’s what is confusing.

Sounds like SketchUp has gotten confused and maybe you just need to tell it what’s what.

Perhaps that’s the solution.
I was sort of wondering if anyone else had experienced this. Because it seems odd that this all of a sudden happened. To be fair I saw the notification a month of so ago on 2018, but as it didn’t seem to have any impact, I ignored it.

I guess I haven’t been that lucky. I don’t recall seeing any other reports of it, either.

Now you have! LOL
Thanks Dave.

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One thing that we have seem is where a previous user of Windows has their name inserted where yours should be.

Editing or deleting %LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\PrivatePreferences.json can fix that.

So you have seen this before? Could you give me a more “advanced” course on how I would do that? At least how to edit it, I would not feel at ease just deleting that string.
Thank you colin.

Copy this much of the path I gave:

%LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\

and paste it into the Windows File Explorer. That will take you to the folder where the preferences file is. Assuming you haven’t set up any custom file paths you could just quit SketchUp, go into that folder, rename PrivatePreference.josn to be something else, and then open SketchUp again. That should recreate the file with the default settings.

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Thanks Colin, I’ll give that a shot tomorrow. Should I do some sort of backup, just in case?

If you renamed the file and things aren’t perfectly good, you could delete the new file and rename the old one back again.

If it comes to editing you would open the file with Notepad or Wordpad, look at the “File Locations”: part of the text. Five of the lines in there are in the Users folder. Any of the five that don’t show your name but do show someone else’s name, change the name part to be your name.

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‘One should not mess with other one’s private johnsons…’

(Learned the hard way…etc😂)

The same goes for the .json files

We got this message all the time, when resetting the machines in our training facility’s, after changing the location were these settings are stored.
It used to be only in registry, now there is three…

One could argue that the location of the file preferences should be in private, if you have a personal license, but what if it is a network license?

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I’m still getting this mess when I open SU.

I have tried to reset valid paths for all of them to no avail. I’ve done a “repair”, hoping it would reset the file paths, nope. For that matter, when I have located the files, they are all empty anyway.

2019 File locations.


2018 File locations ( tha I tried to re-set)


What am I supposed to have in these files? I’m the only user of this computer, and actually I don’t even know how \Chris.000\ came into existence.

I saw a post by MikeWayzovski (Jack) that 2019 somehow changed the file locations of 2018 when it was installed, which makes some sort of sense because that’s when I started getting this message.


Thanks all,

The added extension on your username are all secret agents!
This can happen if an account gets corrupted, somehow.
Maybe this secret agent is still there in one of the millions of folders.
I would suggest a couple of reboots and see if Windows is able to sort things out.

Restart-Repair Installation-Restart-Repair Installation etc.
Window’s forum talk about 3-4 times.

I ended up with a complete reset to factory settings and got this message😃


The message was:

‘Something went wrong, you can try again or skip’


I skipped, because I don’t want problems…

No more red herrings in SketchUp, though

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I had this recently, but it wasn’t directly SketchUp’s fault - although it could be trapped for…
The workshop fixed a PC, it didn’t recreate my Windows user-account as “TIG” by accepted the default “User”, then renamed that user as “TIG”…
When I installed a SketchUp version it couldn’t find some of the copied over folder-paths, because of the TIG v. User confusion.
The ENV entries say User, but to confuse things TIG will work in some path checking too !
Too confusing, but solvable…

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I actually got this screen a few weeks ago (the English one) and ended up going to a restore point .from the boot menu that seemed to fix it.

But the file paths problem occurred quite a while before that.

Go to this ARTICLE and follow the first three steps. If that does not fix the errors it may be time to do a fresh install of Windoze. Do a backup of your files prior to any of the procedures.